Signs That Your Child Needs a Tutor.

Signs that you child needs a tutor

Is your child struggling with their grades? Are they having constant meltdowns whenever they do homework? Does school cause them to feel immense amounts of stress? These may be clear signs that your child needs a tutor. Children everywhere benefit greatly from tutoring; some of these benefits are that tutoring can help boost their academic […]

Lessons We Can Learn From Past Learning Interruptions.

lessons we can learn from past learning interruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic saw education systems worldwide close, and billions of children go without consistent learning for months. Society wished the pandemic would only last a few weeks and things would return to normal. During those first few weeks of the pandemic, no one realized how long it would last and how deep the learning […]

Kids are Slipping Through the Cracks of a Broken Education System.

Kids are slipping through the cracks

After nearly two years of the pandemic, many children are struggling with their education. Teachers are tired, burnt out and overwhelmed. Constantly shifting from in-person learning, to online, then back to in-person, has caused a huge lack of stability in education. As a result, many kids are slipping through the cracks! Linda’s Story: Every parent […]