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It doesn't have to be difficult to find curriculum that checks all the boxes...

It doesn't have to be
difficult to find
curriculum that
checks all the boxes...

Truly secular, inclusive, and diversity driven

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All core subjects from one place, in uniform format

Customizable to your unique learners’ needs

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About our Curriculum

Our Schoolio curriculum is specifically designed for flexibility and customization, allowing any educator, parent, or tutor to add content as they see fit. We offer dozens of interest-based learning units to keep your student engaged and excited for learning.

Schoolio is the first truly versatile and comprehensive learning program for Kindergarten through to Grade 8, and we invite you to stop searching 🔍  and start exploring 🚀  with us.

Explore our most frequently asked questions below, and if you can’t find an answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

FAQ - General

Yes! All purchases include the digital PDF version, whether or not you have opted for the printed version.

Schoolio is an international curriculum, ready to be used in any country, state, or province. We offer both imperial and metric versions to align with your needs.

When comparing learning outcomes from various government organizations, including Common Core, NGSS, TEKS, and various unique state or provincial standards, they actually differ very little, especially in the progression and delivery of subjects that build year-after-year, such as Mathematics and Language Arts. As such, our curriculum aligns well with most standardized learning outcomes. 

We know that for many educators, tutors, and even some homeschoolers, meeting standardized learning goals guides much of your decision-making. Therefore, we have done our best to align units with each province’s and state’s guidelines. If this is your objective, we  recommend familiarizing yourself with your state or province’s guidelines and tweaking your Schoolio units as needed to better align with your requirements.

Rest assured that following provincial or state guidelines is not essential to a full education! Your student will be getting a complete, quality learning experience with well-rounded, customized materials, regardless of which Schoolio units you choose to use.

Please note that while we strive to align as best we can, we do not perfectly match all provincial and/or state learning outcomes.

Accreditation is given to schools, not programs. In order to be accredited, an institution must be delivering content and assessing student retention in very specific ways. Since Schoolio is providing you the content, but not overseeing or managing how you deliver that content, it is not feasible for us to ensure that you are delivering all the content in any specific fashion or for us to fully assess your child.

Some homeschool programs claim to be accredited, but be wary of what governing body is accrediting them. Sometimes accreditation just means that a particular college (usually a Christian college) has approved the program. This is often more of a marketing position on the part of the college (trying to encourage students of the program to apply to their college after homeschooling) than a genuine concern for the program of study.

Whether or not the Schoolio program qualifies for funding provided to home learners through your state or province varies by state/province. Some issue funds that can be used on any variety of educational materials, in which case we would qualify. Other funding only allows you to purchase from a pre-approved list, in which case it will depend on the state/province and the list they use. If you must purchase from an approved list and Schoolio is not on it, we would love for you to recommend we be added, or contact us with the name of the board or district so we can look into being added for you.

Programs that include a minimum of the “Core Four” subject areas (mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies) are often called All-in-One Programs. 

As you may have discovered while sourcing curricula, all-in-one programs are hard to find! Schoolio is one of very few all-in-one curricula companies out there- we are your one-stop shop! While many companies offer you one or two subjects, Schoolio believes that children need to have consistency in their learning.

Aligning with our mission to always provide flexibility and customization, you are not obligated to purchase all subject areas from Schoolio, but we do offer them all if that is what you’re looking for! 

In addition to the “Core Four” subjects, we are continually adding to our library of elective units. These include units in other subject areas, such as Health & Wellness, Visual Arts, Music, Culture, and more!

Since all orders include a digital download that is immediately available, we are unable to offer refunds. Please be sure of the country, grade level, and topic you are purchasing before completing your order. If you need assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Schoolio content is available as a digital PDF download directly from the Shop on our website. When you purchase, you are able to choose between the digital file only, or the digital file and printing.

Our printing is done by a third party vendor who offers us a discounted rate for our customers. The current print rate is $0.15 per double sided page, and we believe this is an excellent rate compared to other providers. We do not mark up printing costs. All print comes double sided, color, and comb bound.

In order to keep costs down, printing is done on-demand by our third party printing vendor. This means it is not printed until you place your order. The time from order placed to delivery is approximately 7-10 business days, but may vary based on the size of the order, the time of year (back-to-school season is busy for our printers!) and the postal service. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order has been printed and shipped, giving you some insight into its expected arrival.

While we absolutely love helping parents and educators begin their journey into homeschooling, we’re unfortunately unable to offer specific advice on the legalities of homeschooling and intent-to-homeschool notification procedures, as they vary widely from country to country and even from state-to-state or province-to-province within countries. We recommend you research the laws in your home state/province for a better understanding of your responsibilities. Once you know what you need in order to begin, we are happy to help you curate content from among our products and build your customized programming. We recommend you schedule a FREE concierge consultation to have a certified Schoolio concierge spend some time helping you create the unique programming that best meets all your needs.

Because Schoolio is not a set program of study, the content you choose to purchase can last as long as short as you want it to. Our unique unitized system allows you to completely build your own programming. For example, our Science units are 10 lessons each, so if you want to do Science twice a week for 30 weeks, you will need 6 Schoolio Science units. If you want to do Science 5 days a week, you will need 15 science units to last 30 weeks. This is where you are able to create your own schedule that works around your needs.

In both your checkout confirmation screen and your confirmation email you will receive there will be a link to bring you to your parent dashboard. We recommend bookmarking this page once you arrive. From there you will be able to download your products. Please see this video for more assistance:

We highly recommend downloading your purchases and saving them somewhere safe, like on your hard drive, a thumbdrive, or a storage site like Google Drive or Dropbox. While we make every effort to save your downloads indefinitely, we cannot guarantee that they will be infinitely available through our site. The safest way to store digital goods is in multiple places, both online and locally.

Please see this video for detailed instructions on how to set and change your Schoolio password:

FAQ - Curriculum

Schoolio content is designed and written by a dedicated team of teacher-writers, many of whom are also homeschooling parents. Our team understands the unique needs of both the homeschool family and the classroom teacher, and we strive to be as inclusive of all forms or alternative education as possible during the content creation process. All Schoolio content is reviewed by a certified educator and professional editor before being published.

Schoolio is a secular curriculum. A secular curriculum is a course of instruction that is not written from any religious worldview. No matter the delivery method, Schoolio’s curriculum will always be free of faith-based language and undertones..

We offer content in both Imperial and Metric! Our imperial program is automatically displayed if you select the United States as the country in your search filters. Our metric program is displayed if you select Canada as the country in your search filters. Our imperial program uses American coins and bills in the financial literacy sections, while our metric program uses Canadian coins and bills in the financial literacy sections.

What people often refer to as “new math”, or sometimes confused with Common Core standards, is actually called Conceptual Math. Conceptual Math differs from the way many of us adults were taught, which is Procedural Math (sometimes called Rote Math or Rote Learning). Procedural Math involves understanding, usually through rote memorization, the series of steps needed to solve an equation. Conceptual Math involves understanding the relationship between numbers and using that knowledge to solve problems. Conceptual Math aims to explain to the learner why the operations work as they do, rather than asking them to just remember the steps without understanding why each step is taken to reach the solution. Good mathematical literacy involves both an understanding of why algorithms work, as well as knowing the procedures needed to reach the solution. Schoolio Math strives to empower students with a conceptual understanding in the early years, and to teach both the conceptual and procedural method of reaching mathematical solutions, and then encouraging the child to decide which method makes the most sense to them, in order to make math as clear as possible to the learner, rather than trying to force them into the box of one method or the other.

Schoolio offers mathematics programming in both imperial and metric- no need to change measurements and weights. With Schoolio all of the conversions are done for you, so you simply need to purchase and download, and you’re ready to go!


Our mathematics program takes a mastery approach, meaning students master each strand before moving on. This also allows you to mix-and-match grade levels by strand, meaning students with special needs, such as Dyscalculia, can work at different grade levels in different areas of mathematics.


Our program consists of five strands of Mathematics, and follows the latest in educational expert content recommendations. The Schoolio program includes Number Sense and Numeration, Geometry and Spatial Reasoning, Algebra and Patterning, Data Management and Probability, and Money and Financial Literacy. 


The Schoolio Mathematics program also is unique in the inclusion of Coding and Financial Literacy beginning in grade one, helping to prepare students early and thoroughly for the future.

The Schoolio Science program encourages learners to explore and experiment while they improve their scientific understanding of the world around them. From animals and plants, to building and engineering, to geology and astronomy, to chemistry and weather- our growing library of science units will keep your learner engaged no matter where their interests take them!


We will always follow the latest understandings and recommendations from the respected scientific organizations around the world when developing our science content.

The Schoolio Social Studies program helps build young learners into responsible and informed citizens. From learning about their local community to learning about communities around the world; from family heritage to world history; and from personal responsibility to functions of government, Schoolio Social Studies covers it all!


Schoolio history is committed to true accounts and hearing from all voices of the time period, as well as reflecting on the modern day social implications of historical events and precedents. Our history includes topics from Ancient Civilizations up to the Modern Era and Digital Revolution, with additions to the library being made every week. We will always follow the latest understandings and recommendations from the respected scientific organizations around the world when developing historical content from eras before written accounts are available.


Schoolio Geography includes not only the basics of mapping plus world and North American geography, but also covers issues such as global sustainability, US and Canadian government, globalization, global communities and cultures around the world, and global inequities around the world. Our Geography program addresses global issues at age-appropriate intervals.

The Schoolio Language Program is not another workbook to add to your shelf, it is a complete program including scheduling help and integration of the language strands. 

Stand-alone reading, writing, spelling, and grammar programs can be very expensive and that means they aren’t accessible to all families. We want to change that!

For the average student, practice is enough to develop their reading and writing skills- but educators need help with what to practice, when, and for how long. The Schoolio Program is here to guide you and make your life as a teacher easier!

There are five Schoolio Language units, each designed to be used consecutively or to stand alone. Each unit is intended to take a minimum of 4 weeks.

Each of the five units include:

  • Directed Writing:
    • Each one of our carefully curated units begins with an explanation of the purpose and use of the writing type, as well as the key elements and skills that need to be used when creating the written piece. Included are graphic organizers to help learners organize their thoughts before writing drafts, and tips to help your student become a good editor of their own work.
    • There are a total of 10 writing styles, with 2 writing styles in each unit, taught over 8 lessons. Students learn and practice each style, ending with a final, edited product of their own creation.
      • Writing topics vary from Grade 1 to Grade 8 but include everything from writing simple fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, informal and formal letters, essay writing, public speaking, and more!
  • Creative Writing:
    • 4 creative writing prompts with space to write will help get the creative ideas flowing and encourage students to explore their personal writing style and discover a love of reading and writing.
  • Reading:
    • 1 reading study broken into 6 parts, focused on a specific type of literary text. 
      • Book recommendations are included and referenced, but many of the follow-up questions can be used with any books of your choice.
      • Our younger learners listen to a series of picture books, studying the texts for commonalities and discovering the differences between fiction, nonfiction, genres, and various authors.
      • Our older learners complete one novel study per unit. Novels are divided into weekly reading pieces with 3 days of questions provided, allowing you to check for both comprehension and deeper understanding of the text.
    • In grades 1 and 2, each unit of language includes 6 grade-level-appropriate reading comprehension passages with follow-up questions to measure your learner’s comprehension levels. In grade 3, the first 4 units include longer reading passages for reading comprehension, and unit 5 introduces a level-appropriate novel study.
  • Grammar:
    • 4 grammar topics, each consisting of two lessons with practice work included to help solidify concepts.
  • Spelling:
    • In grades 1-3, each language unit includes 4 lists of spelling words, each with two practice worksheets, and a dictation test to assess the learners retention of the words.


Each Schoolio Language Arts unit also includes a sample schedule, lessons organised by order on the schedule, and helpful explanations and tips for educators before you begin.

This program is completely open and go, the only additional items you need are the recommended books should you choose to use them. 

In the Schoolio Language Arts Program students learn about and practice various styles of writing, dig into reading studies, practice their grammar skills, and engage in fun, creative writing exercises, all integrated together throughout the program.

At this time, we do not offer high school level curricula. Our current focus is on the earliest years of a learner’s journey, but we do intend to expand into the area of high school education in time.

Our content has been created and aligned with state and provincial standards to the best of our ability, but we are not able to create state/province specific content for every geographical area. States and provinces chosen for content creation vary based on such factors as: population, rate of homeschool, and expertise of team members. We are committed to continually expanding our library of content and will add more state and province specific content as you progress!

The answer to this question is: it depends on your learner. Schoolio units include lessons and practice work covering a number of topics within each subject area. For some learners, the 1-3 lessons per concept included in the Schoolio program is enough, for others, they need additional practice to solidify their knowledge, or may want to spend extra days on an area of specific interest.

For example, in the Schoolio Social Studies Ancient Civilizations unit, learners cover 4 early societies in 20 lessons, which is 5 lessons per society. If your learner isn’t very interested in Ancient Egypt, you can cover this topic in just 5 simple lessons, and rest easy knowing that your learner has the basic knowledge needed. If you then move on to Ancient Rome, and your learner is very engaged in the topic, you may turn 5 lessons into 5 weeks- adding in trips to the library for additional books, watching documentaries, a field trip, and building a diorama of the aqueducts system. The flexibility of the Schoolio program is designed to cover all your essentials, but still allow you to add in wherever it suits your learner’s interests or your requirements for education.

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