Signs That Your Child Needs a Tutor.

Is your child struggling with their grades? Have constant meltdowns whenever they do homework? Does school cause them to feel immense amounts of stress? These may be clear signs that your child needs a tutor. Children everywhere benefit greatly from tutoring; some of these benefits are that tutoring can help boost their academic performance, and they have the opportunity to develop learning and study habits. So, how can you tell if your child needs a tutor?

Signs that your child needs a tutor.

Declining grades.

Have you noticed that your child’s grades are steadily declining? Whether that is in a particular subject, two, or all subjects. This is a clear indicator that your child needs help.

No progression in school.

Is your child struggling to keep up with what they’re learning in class? Has your teacher noted that your child is falling behind their level? If you’re homeschooling, have you noticed that your child can’t understand the concepts being taught?

Taking too much time to complete assignments.

Does your child spend hours trying to complete a homework assignment? Even if it’s a simple assignment that should take less time? This is another one of the signs that your child needs a tutor.

Constantly having tantrums and meltdowns when doing homework.

When it’s time to do homework, does your child have meltdowns? Are nightly homework assignments ending with your child hugely frustrated or in tears?

Lying about tests and homework assignments.

Does your child tell you they have no homework or upcoming tests to study for? As a result, they don’t study or complete homework assignments, which causes poor grades and concern from you and their teacher?

Having a poor attitude towards school.

Does your child dread going to school? Do they constantly say phrases like “I hate school”? Does your child not like a subject that they used to enjoy?

Struggling to manage their time.

Are there not enough hours in the day for your child to finish their work and assignments? Are they having difficulty completing what they need to when needed?

Low self-esteem.

Does your child lack confidence when it comes to a particular subject? Or school in general? Have they stopped applying themselves to their schoolwork? Whether in class or at home?

Anxiety and meltdowns when going to school.

Are you finding that your child is getting very stressed, upset or anxious before school in the morning? Is your child complaining of headaches, stomach pains, or other symptoms that only occur before school?

Demonstrating signs of learning difficulty.

Is your child having difficulty writing, reading, math, or another area of study? Despite your efforts, are they still showing little to no improvement? Is your child having difficulty behaving or paying attention in the classroom or during learning time?

Struggling with organization.

Do you know your child is intelligent, understands assignments, but cannot prepare for what needs to be done? This could be another one of the signs that your child needs a tutor.

Doing an excellent job with homework but failing tests.

Getting high marks on papers, assignments or in-class participation but failing a test can cause significant frustrations for your child. Test preparation is a skill, and not every student can focus on what needs to be done before a test.

How tutoring can help.

A tutor can provide additional support that a teacher or parent may not be able to give them. Tutors can help slow things down by teaching your child how to adequately schedule their time, prioritize which assignments need to be completed first and customize learning to meet your child’s needs. A good tutor will take the time to teach your child the skills they need. Tutors also have the unique ability to focus on one or two skills that can significantly impact the child’s education.

Not every child needs a tutor to succeed in school, but for some students, a tutor can make all the difference and help to change the outcome of your child’s education. Tutoring doesn’t even need to be a permanent solution, as just a few sessions with a tutor can positively impact your child and provide them with the tools they need.

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