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Kids are Slipping Through the Cracks of a Broken Education System.

After nearly two years of the pandemic, many children are struggling with their education. Teachers are tired, burnt out and overwhelmed. Constantly shifting from in-person learning, to online, then back to in-person, has caused a huge lack of stability in education. As a result, many kids are slipping through the cracks!

Linda’s Story:

Every parent wants what’s best for their child, knowing that their child is falling behind is causing anxiety amongst many parents. We chatted with Linda, a mom of two, about how her kids are doing in school. “Not good.” She said, with worry written all over her face. “I’m worried that they will continue to fall behind and just never catch up. I don’t know what to do!”

Linda, like many parents has been trying to help her kids from home. But, it’s just not working. “I’m not a homeschooling parent. I don’t have that kind of focus.” Linda said with tears in her eyes. “I want to be able to help my kids. But the more I try, the more frustrated we all become. I’m not a math whiz, I can’t help what I don’t understand.”

Michael’s Story:

Michael reflects Linda’s feelings. “My son is in fourth grade, and he can’t read. Just a couple sight words is all he can manage. The school doesn’t seem to see a problem with that, and they just keep pushing him ahead. This whole situation is making me feel like a failure as a parent. I’ve tried so hard to help him read. We went and bought all these sight word cards, and word games.” Michael said. “None of that was working so we signed up for tutoring with a well-known tutoring company. We spent over $500 and it didn’t work. The sessions failed. And he still can’t read.”

How are parents supposed to keep their kids from slipping through the cracks?

Let’s make something clear: None of this is the parent’s fault. Children have not been receiving proper educational instruction. It’s difficult for a teacher to evaluate how a child is doing in an online learning system that isn’t properly set up to be online learning. Online/virtual education can be great tool, when it is set up specifically to be online. But when you take a class of 20+ kids, that are used to being in-person and you put them all online. Learning won’t happen the way it should.

Sure, you will have children that will do just fine and adapt to the abrupt changes without issue or complaint. But, there are many kids who aren’t able to keep up. It’s unfair that the parents should feel guilty and pressured. Additionally, it’s unfair that teacher’s should feel the pressure to constantly switch from one venue of learning to another. There needs to be stability in order for children to have the opportunity to thrive.

The future of education is unknown.

We really don’t know when the pandemic will end, and if education will ever go back to normal. What we do know is that we have to help the kids that are struggling right now. While we love the idea of everyone being able to access the in-home curriculum at home. It’s not realistic!

Parents like Linda and Michael are concerned because the longer the pandemic continues, the older their children become. They continue to miss important lessons and learning opportunities. However, Linda and Michael aren’t the only parents struggling with this fear. Many parents are worried about how to get their kids caught up.

We remain committed to helping children from all educational sectors excel.

While our primary focus has been on the homeschooling curriculum, we see the need to help families from all education sectors. Kids are struggling, and that’s not okay. We at TEAM Schoolio have a window of opportunity to help children catch up and excel in their learning journey. Children’s education has been hugely impacted; the time to change now! We must work fast, as kids are slipping through the cracks of a broken education system way too quickly.

Schoolio After-School

Your child isn’t too far behind, and with the right help and tools, they will catch up in no time. We must stop letting children slip through the cracks of a broken education system. To help, Schoolio Learning has launched an incredible one-on-one tutoring platform for students in grades 1 – 8.

“Schoolio After-School started because customers who are not homeschooling full time, but are using Schoolio as supplemental content for their kids, need help teaching the curriculum.” Sathish Bala, CEO of Schoolio, said. “Not everyone can afford curriculum and tutoring. This is why we set up this amazing platform to bridge the gap. Our tutors are teachers; our books are Canadian curricula. And it’s set up for after-school. Giving parents the freedom they need, from having to worry about homework and catch-up work.”

We are an education company that remains committed to helping all children excel. This is why we have launched Schoolio After-School. Kids are slipping through the cracks of a broken education system. Since we’re already selling Canadian curriculum to thousands of parents, this is another way to help parents across the country.

Schoolio After-School is more than just tutoring:

One hour, three times a week, for four weeks, we can cover anything taught in school. All Schoolio After-School tutoring packages include a free printed and shipped subject bundle. You, as the parent, can select what subject your child needs help with and what times work best for your student to learn with the tutor, and we will send the subject bundle directly to your door.

Tutors will be available Monday-Friday from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST. As well as on Saturday afternoons. Classes are interactive on Zoom. Tutors can walk the child through the curriculum or help them with homework. While also helping the child to catch up using The Schoolio Subject Bundle. Sessions can be recorded, so parents can view how their child is doing and interact with the tutor.

Benefits of Schoolio After-School include:

  • Tutors who follow Canadian Curriculum Standards
  • The Schoolio Subject Bundle of your choice is included.
  • Qualified teacher as your tutor.
  • Tutoring lessons that mirror what your student is learning in class.
  • Tutors are trained to catch your child up from previous lessons they may have missed or been unable to understand.
  • Digital platform: Kids can take quizzes, get certificates, and unique points for engaging, which can be used in The Schoolio Marketplace!
  • Access to your child’s progress through the Parent Portal.
  • Students can reference Schoolio Subject book every day, even when tutoring has been completed. The book is theirs to keep!

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