10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Are you looking for productive ways to entertain and occupy your children? YouTube can be a fantastic tool to fix those issues. There are so many YouTube Channels to check out; some content can wow you, while other channels may leave you questioning what it is you just allowed your child to watch. To simplify, […]

Take The Stress Out Of Your Homeschool

Take the stress out of your homeschool

Parental stress can damage your well-being and your child’s development. And as a homeschooling parent, you might feel overwhelmed and stressed when you think about everything you need to accomplish in a day. So, what are some ways to cope with and overcome the stress you may feel? How can you take the stress out […]

10 Of The Best YouTube Channels for Kids

10 of the best YouTube channels for Kids

An excellent source of education and entertainment is YouTube, which makes it a fantastic tool for boredom. It can feel like an overwhelming task to try to find the best content for your child to watch as you try to sift through thousands of channels. And unfortunately, if you’re not using the Youtube Kids app, […]

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Random acts of kindness ideas

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone prioritized being kind to others. Our society praises students for being innovative, getting good grades, and succeeding. But kindness goes widely unappreciated. Could you imagine if parents and educators emphasized the importance of being kind to others? Imagine how cool it would be if kindness were […]

Celebrities Who Homeschool

Celebrities who homeschool

Homeschooling has often been classified as a ‘weird’ form of education. Because many people don’t understand it. Also, homeschooled children enjoy lengthy discussions about their interests and passion projects. Because homeschooled children have the time, support and growth environment to dive deeper into learning opportunities that interest them. Most people used to traditional education don’t […]

Will Homeschooling Ruin Your Child?

Will homeschooling ruin your child

Do you remember the day you brought your baby home? In those precious moments, you likely had a significant mix of emotions: joy and a hint of fear. This nagging worry that you were going to do something wrong, which would inevitably ruin your child. Despite all the baby books and pre-natal classes you took, […]

Establish a Good Homeschool Routine

What’s the very best schedule for homeschool families to follow in order to be successful? And how can you help your family learn healthy habits, especially around homeschool? These are pretty huge topics, and I’m sure that you’re feeling rather overwhelmed by it all. Chances are if you’re reading this, that your homeschool schedule is […]