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10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Are you looking for productive ways to entertain and occupy your children? YouTube can be a fantastic tool to fix those issues. There are so many YouTube Channels to check out; some content can wow you, while other channels may leave you questioning what it is you just allowed your child to watch. To simplify, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids that you should check out! If your child loves science and enjoys watching other children do experiments, this might excite them!

10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids – Can You Guess the Weather?

Scishow Kids is a fun science channel that uses unique animated videos to foster a love for science. Your child can join Jessi, Mister Brown, Squeaks the Robot Lab Rat, and their fun friends at their fort, where they will learn, research, answer questions, and conduct cool experiments. SciShow Kids was created in July 2014 with 793K subscribers, with 213,165,824 views! No wonder we had to add this to the list of 10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids!

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Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World – What happens when you swallow gum?

The Ryan’s World YouTube channel was created in March 2015 as a toy review hub. However, the channel has evolved over the past seven years to include individual lessons, educational videos, and experiments. Although Ryan is the star of the show, adults are the ones who perform the experiments. Ryan’s World is trendy, with 50,996,862,935 views and 32.1million subscribers.

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Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug – How do Scientists Learn About Wild Animals?

Homeschoolers all around the world love Mystery Doug! And why? Because of the great content, he releases for the world for free! This YouTube Channel had to be included in the list of 10 science YouTube Channels for kids because of its great content! Each video provides an excellent Science lesson that your child will enjoy. The Mystery Doug YouTube channel was created in April 2017 and had 514,000 subscribers and 133,947,850 views! Curious why that is. Check it out for yourself!

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Lab 360

Lab 360 – The Saturn Rings are DISAPPEARING!

Are you looking for videos about outer space? How about experiments your kids can try? Then you should check out Lab360! Created in 2013, Lab360 has 491,000 subscribers and 104,970,063 views, with authentic science demonstrations that your kids will love. This channel is a gem with science experiments and learning for people of all ages.

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MinuteEarth – Why Water Dissolves (almost) Everything

We love MinuteEarth because it provides unique Science lessons and fun stories about our incredible planet. The MinuteEarth YouTube Channel was created in October 2011 and had 2.68 million subscribers. With neat videos like ‘An Egg is Just One Cell,’ ‘Why Do Humans Vomit So Much?’ and ‘Why The Ocean Needs Salt,’ it’s easy to see why this is a favourite for learning.

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Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch – Tricks to Play on Your Friends #April Fools Special

These unique creators have various episodes packed with incredible facts about the human body. Hosted by identical twins Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand VanTulleken, it’s a must-see as they experiment and explore their way through the fascinating world of medicine and biology. Their goal is to de-mystify hospitals for children while teaching them important lessons. Operation Ouch was created in November 2016 and had 299,000 subscribers and many amazing videos to choose from.

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NASA Video

NASA Video – NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering

NASA has a mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research, and they share it on their YouTube Channel. Look at the diverse work that NASA does, like proving flight technologies, creating capabilities for sustainable human and robotic exploration, earth, the solar system and more.

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Mark Rober

Mark Rober – World’s Tallest Elephant Toothpaste Volcano

Mark Rober isn’t just an extraordinary YouTube Artist; he’s also a former NASA and Apple Engineer and friend of science. He has highly crazy science experiments that kids love to watch. Additionally, this channel takes complex ideas and breaks them down into crazy hands-on lessons that your child will remember. The Mark Rober YouTube Channel was created in October 2011 and had 21.4 million subscribers.

Watch The Mark Rober Channel

The Backyard Scientist

The Backyard Scientist – 200 Watt Car Mounted Laser

This channel is loaded with tons of fun science videos for kids. You’ll find crazy videos that teach various science topics ‘Can a Motor run on beans?’ ‘Can Spiderman Climb the Sticky Wall?’ and more. Created in 2013, The Backyard Scientist now has 5.25 million subscribers and hundreds of fun videos.

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Minute Physics

Minute Physics – Is Anything on the Internet Real?

Like its sister channel, Minute Earth, Minute Physics has much to offer. The Minute Physics channel focuses on Space and Gravity with many unique videos and 5.44 million subscribers. You’ll quickly learn to love this channel with all its great content like ‘The Rocket & String Paradox,’ ‘Windmills Are NOT Like Dams,’ and ‘Why LESS Sensitive Tests Might Be Better.

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Which of the 10 Science Youtube Channels for Kids was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


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