Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone made being kind to others a priority? Our society praises students for being innovative, getting good grades, and being successful. But kindness goes widely unappreciated. Could you imagine if parents and educators emphasized the importance of being kind to others? Imagine how cool it would be if kindness were as valued as being intelligent? You can start teaching your child about the benefits of being kind today! With 21 random acts of kindness ideas, plus you can download the ‘My Kindness Goal’ for your child!

5 benefits of being kind to others:

Being kind is beneficial for both the giver and the receiver. When you give kindness to someone, you usually receive kindness back. There are so many excellent benefits of being kind to others; that you should be utilizing while also teaching your children. Some seem somewhat predictable, while others are a little shocking! Nonetheless, Science continues to find more ways that our mental and physical health are impacted by each other. So, teaching your child about random acts of kindness and the benefits of bringing others joy is essential.

1. Kindness can boost your immune system.

Our brain’s feel-good hormone, Oxytocin, reduces inflammation. You are probably familiar with the fact that inflammation is linked to many different kinds of diseases in the body. Some of which are diabetes, chronic pain, obesity, cancer, and migraines. Being kind can boost your body’s oxytocin levels, which then helps to decrease inflammation. You don’t have to wait for someone else to promote your oxytocin; you can do it today! By spreading kindness like confetti!

2. Kindness creates a sense of belonging.

Being kind and helping others is considered a way to help people create, maintain and strengthen social connections. Face-to-face activities like volunteering to help someone can reduce isolation and loneliness.

3. Kindness helps you feel in control.

It’s easy to resent someone who is always trying to push our buttons. When this happens, we often feel like we don’t have control or stability when we are around those people. You know that no one should have the ability to control your mood, yet when they push your buttons, you find it extremely difficult to stay calm. When you choose to instead act with kindness, you will gain the self-respect of not letting other people push your buttons.

Remember, if someone never seems to change and is always aiming to make you upset, it’s best to avoid these people.

4. Kindness helps you find your people.

People are genuinely attracted to kind people. If you’re at the grocery store and someone kindly holds the door open for you, you will feel more attracted to that person—Vs. The person that slammed the door in your face. We were born with kindness in our hearts, so we tend to gravitate towards the people that demonstrate kindness. A kind mom at a playgroup or homeschool co-op is much easier to be around than someone constantly making you second-guess yourself.

5. Kindness can give you a mental break.

Stress doesn’t give your brain a break. Because when you’re feeling chronically stressed, all you can do is focus on the things you’re concerned about. When you choose to focus on the joy you are bringing to someone else by the random acts of kindness you are doing, you also give your brain a much-needed break from figuring out all your problems.

The mental break is very similar to the brain break that you get from a cardio session, healthy sleep, or meditating. You are giving the analytical, thinking part of your brain a rest and, at the same time, awakening the creative and feeling side of your brain! When you focus on someone else’s happiness, you forget your problems for just a little while. That in itself is enough to give you a boost.

You should teach your kids about the power of random acts of kindness.

We all want our children to live their very best life. As you read through the five benefits of being kind, I’m sure that each one of those benefits you would want for your child also. Being kind isn’t something you have to wait until your child is older to learn. You can start teaching your children about bringing others joy by spreading the love with random acts of kindness. And, of course, the ultimate way to teach your children is to model it.

21 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas, that your children can be involved in:

  1. Compliment others.
  2. Pick up litter at the park.
  3. Let someone take your spot in line.
  4. Insert money into someone’s parking metre.
  5. Buy flowers to hand to people on the street.
  6. Write and leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars.
  7. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
  8. Use allowance to donate to a charity of your child’s choice.
  9. Hold open the door for someone.
  10. Write letters to the elderly.
  11. Shovel snow from a neighbour’s driveway.
  12. Do someone a favour without expecting anything in return.
  13. Bake cookies for the neighbours.
  14. Encourage your child to show the ‘new kid’ around their school.
  15. In the summer, hand out water to people at a park.
  16. Send a letter to a loved one instead of a text.
  17. Tip your waitress generously.
  18. Make breakfast in bed for a family member.
  19. Write a kind letter to a parent.
  20. Leave kind comments on people’s social media posts.
  21. Be kind to yourself.

Random acts of kindness are what the world needs.

Every single person that you meet needs kindness. Your child needs kindness; and your spouse needs kindness; your family members need kindness; the clerk at the bank needs kindness; the debt collector needs kindness, the customer service rep from the company you purchased a product from needs kindness. Every single person that you come in contact with needs kindness. Including the person that is looking back at you in the mirror.

All of us need extended grace for our shortcomings and thoughtfulness when needed. You have the power and ability to give kindness to others while also teaching your children about just how important it is to spread kindness to the world around us.

Download the Free My Kindness Goal Sheet

Download the ‘My Kindness Goal’ sheet for your child to complete. You can choose from either the colouring sheet or the written word sheet.

My Kindness Goal – Written Sheet
My Kindness Goal – Colouring

Learn more about Random Acts of Kindness Day:

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


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