Schoolio Now Offers After School Tutoring.

We remain committed to bringing the best education resources to all families. While our main focus has been on homeschooling curriculum. It has become evidently clear that families involved in all sectors of education need help right now! Schoolio now offers after school tutoring, as a response to the many cries for help from families […]

Should Homeschool Curriculum be Accredited?

We all want the very best for our kids. So naturally many of us are feeling overly stressed with the ups and downs of pandemic learning and school closures. As a result, many parents have turned to homeschooling. Doing so as a method of greater stability for their children’s education. Even after taking this large […]

Homeschooling in Atlantic Canada – How to Get Started

Homeschooling in Atlantic Canada – How to Get Started  Are you considering homeschooling? Or perhaps are new to homeschooling in Atlantic Canada? How do you get started? Where do you begin? And what’s the best route to take in order to be a successful homeschooler? Is homeschooling even legal in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince […]

How to Use a Digital Curriculum

How to choose a digital curriculum

Are you curious why we are so passionate about our digital curriculum? Lately, we’ve been receiving multiple questions about what a digital curriculum is? How can you use a digital curriculum? And what are the best ways to be successful using a digital curriculum? This is why this blog is all about how to use […]

Ways to Make Your Back to Homeschool Fun

10 Ways to Make Your Back-to-Homeschool Fun – Guest Blog by Rebecca Miller As Fall approaches, many parents are gearing up for their kids to go back to school. I often breathe a sigh of relief that, as a homeschool mom, I dodge the frantic crowds doing their back-to-school shopping. However, as September rolls around […]

Homeschooling Teens? How to Homeschool Older Kids

How to Homeschool Older Kids by Sarah Wall When they’re little, it’s easy to plan out homeschooling. The skills are obvious: they need to learn to read, write, add & subtract. They need a basic understanding of the world around them, and it’s fun to explore science and history topics. But then they hit those double-digits, […]

Costs of Homeschooling? Is it Affordable?

Thinking about homeschooling but feeling nervous about the budget? You might find yourself researching different curriculums and thinking is homeschooling affordable? Like is it actually affordable? Or are people who homeschool just financially set? Or are they budgeted so tightly there’s just no room for fun? The answer to both those questions is no.What are […]

Fun Summer Activities

It’s Time To Make Some Summer Memories. Are your kids excited for summer break? Mine always get so psyched when they’ve finished the last of their school work and they then get to enjoy all the wonderful moments that summer break holds for them. It always seems like when summer break begins, we have this […]

Curriculum For Homeschooling Kindergarten?

Kindergarten can be a difficult grade to teach. This is when your child is learning the fundamentals of education. And, they’re often very easily distracted. This may make you feel like you just want to give up, especially when homeschooling a Kindergartener. It seems that all they want to do is scribble all over everything […]