Schoolio Now Offers After School Tutoring.

We remain committed to bringing the best education resources to all families. While our main focus has been on homeschooling curriculum. It has become evidently clear that families involved in all sectors of education need help right now! Schoolio now offers after school tutoring, as a response to the many cries for help from families across Canada. Our tutoring program can help get your child’s education back on track.

Benefits of Schoolio After-School include:

  • Tutors who follow Canadian Curriculum Standards.
  • A Schoolio Subject Bundle of your choice included.
  • Qualified teacher, as your tutor.
  • Tutoring lessons that mirror what your child is learning in class.
  • Our tutors are trained to catch your child up on previously lessons that they may have missed.
  • We work to help your child understand concepts that they may be struggling with.
  • Our digital platform gives your child access to quizzes, certificates, and special points for engaging. These points can then be used on The Schoolio Marketplace.
  • Access to your child’s progress through the Parent Portal.
  • Students can reference Schoolio Subject Book every day. Even when their tutoring has been completed, as the book is theirs to keep.

Schoolio After-School tutors are:

  • OCT certified.
  • Experienced teachers.
  • Have a clean CPIC and Vulnerable Sector Check.
  • Are accountable. 

Schoolio After-School Pricing:

  • $49/hour with a minimum of three hours per week for four weeks.
  • Includes Schoolio Curriculum Subject Bundle of your choice.
  • Additional curriculum bundles available for a discounted price.
  • Custom pricing available for multiple months.


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Schoolio After-School is more than just tutoring:

One hour, three times a week, for four weeks. During that time we can cover anything being taught in school. All Schoolio After-School tutoring packages include a free printed and shipped subject bundle, for your child to use. The subject bundle will be printed and shipped right to your door. You as the parent, can select what subject your child needs help with. Along with what times work best for your student to learn with the tutor.

Tutors will be available Monday-Friday from 4:00pm – 8:00pm EST. As well as on Saturday afternoons. Classes are interactive, on Zoom. Tutors can walk the child through the curriculum or help them with homework. While also helping your child catch up, using The Schoolio Subject Bundle. Sessions can be recorded, if requested by the parent. This way parents have the opportunity to view how their child is doing. Along with how they are interacting with their tutor.

One-on-one tutoring can help!

Large class sizes, educational uncertainties, and school closures. These three aspects all play a part in your child’s learning experience. We know that one-on-one tutoring can help kids flourish on their learning journey. Which is why Schoolio now offers after school tutoring as an option to help your child get back on track.



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