Curriculum For Homeschooling Kindergarten?

Kindergarten can be a difficult grade to teach. This is when your child is learning the fundamentals of education. And, they’re often very easily distracted. This may make you feel like you just want to give up, especially when homeschooling a Kindergartener. It seems that all they want to do is scribble all over everything and yell, and run around the house. It’s so hard to get them to focus back on learning sometimes! You aren’t alone, many parents are struggling with just that. Because, let’s face it: Virtual Learning for Kindergarten – just isn’t doable nor is it good for their mental development. During a global pandemic, the best option and most obvious choice for your Kindergartener would be homeschooling.  How can you homeschool your Kindergartener without causing insane amounts of stress for both you and your child? 

First of all, why is Kindergarten so important for your child anyway?  Why can’t you just skip Kindergarten and go right into Grade 1? Or, maybe just do some quick workbooks? Why is a Kindergarten program so important for children? 

Kindergarten isn’t just about learning letters, sounds and colours. Kindergarten is also so important for your child’s emotional development and for building their self-confidence.  Through a solid Kindergarten Program, your child is given the opportunity to learn and then practice very important skills that will help them with their emotions, social skills, and study habits. 

When you have a good Kindergarten Program, your child will better develop their cognitive skills. And when these key characteristics are planted and cultivated in the beginning years of their educational journey, they will have a wonderful foundation for a lifelong, wholesome, learning experience which will in turn, help them with their overall well-being. 

Skipping over Kindergarten and holding off until Grade 1 isn’t a great choice. Why? Because your child will inevitably be behind when they reach Grade 1. 

Because, some of the main things a Kindergartener will cover will be missed if you skip Kindergarten, like: Identify letters in the alphabet, and their sounds. Learning about the different blends that letters can make. They cover letter tracing, because hand writing is something that you need to practice to get better at. They also should cover, diagraphs, sight words, language, rhyming words, nouns, verbs, writing their own stories with booklets. Kindergarten is also when they start the basics of Science and Social Studies, covering fun and basic concepts to peak your child’s interests. They should learn how to write letters, and sight words and more. Yes, some days are hard – Especially when their focus is anywhere but on learning. Even so, if you just skip over these very important lessons, your child will have a more difficult time adjusting to lessons in Grade 1. 

On the same note: Just learning with workbooks isn’t going to give your child the repetition that they need to develop and build excellent skills. Like, handwriting, memorization, and beginning reading skills. Workbooks are so good, for additional practice. But it’s important to have a good Kindergarten Program to be the foundation of their learning. Workbooks never cover all the content that a Kindergartener should be covering. So, the Schoolio Kindergarten Program is vital to their success. And at http://schoolio.io we offer the best foundational programs to help your child along the way. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your Kindergartener’s education: Is to not allow stress to enter the classroom (or kitchen). 

Studies show that a child under stress has a very difficult time learning. A key component of a successful Kindergarten Program: No stress. The Schoolio Kindergarten Program can provide a no stress environment for you and your child. Our Kindergarten Program was written by a teacher, who is also a homeschool mom. She has a big heart for all homeschooling parents but especially for those that are just starting out. She wants you and your child to excel on your homeschooling journey. 

With all that in mind, I can tell you that the Schoolio Kindergarten Program has many excellent components to it, that will keep you and your child in a no-stress zone. How? Well, with Schoolio, you are never left to figure it out on your own. Most Homeschool companies sell you the books, and never check in to see how you are doing. With Schoolio, we maintain our mission to make sure that no parent (or child) gets left behind. Feeling stressed? Reach out to us. We have a Schoolio team made up of new and experienced homeschool parents that are here to help you with all your concerns. We give you access to the exclusive Schoolio Community, where you can tap into our resources for your lessons, get freebies, chat with other Schoolio parents and more. You also will get a complimentary 1-hour chat with a Registered School Teacher to help you start off on the right track. 

The Schoolio Kindergarten Program comes with a built-in planner. Which means that you don’t have to worry about figuring out what your child should be doing and when. Because it is all laid out plainly for you. There are 36 weeks of lessons covering 7 different subjects interchangeably. The lessons are fun, and interesting and extremely engaging for both you and your child. There’re not many Canadian Curriculum Homeschooling options out there for Kindergarten. And we take great pride in knowing that with the Schoolio Kindergarten Program you never have to worry about your Kindergartener not reaching their educational goals. We make sure to follow Canadian Curriculum Homeschooling Guidelines to ensure that your child stays on track with a wholesome Canadian education. 

You don’t need to approach Kindergarten with stress, because with Schoolio, we do the groundwork, so you can just focus on what is important: Your child, and your peace of mind. Check out the Schoolio Kindergarten Program here: https://schoolio.io/kindergarten/

Learn more about the Schoolio Kindergarten Program by watching this video. (Click here) There are also tons of free Youtube videos that can help you get started. (Click here)

Do you have more questions about the Schoolio Kindergarten Program? Like how it’s different from other Kindergarten Programs? Why it is the best option for you and your Kindergartener? We answer these questions and more on the latest Schoolio Podcast. 

On Episode 10, “Let’s Talk Kindergarten” of the Schoolio Podcast, we chat with Lindsey Casselman – head writer of the Kindergarten Program. She answers all our questions, and offers great advice for all our new homeschooling parents out there

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/76ViZ1S7q7VaDCQvVWUK2v


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