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Schoolio Offers Holistic Education

Schoolio Offers Holistic Education.

Toronto, ON, April 16, 2021– The pandemic has posed multiple challenges to education. The clear reason being that schools are oscillating between virtual and in-person learning. Schoolio, a Canadian homeschooling resource platform. Has a goal to empower homeschooling families through holistic curriculum. Created for children from Kindergarten to grade 8. 

The pandemic posed a question for parents.

Schoolio was originally geared towards homeschooling families. However, we here at Schoolio have seen a rapid rise in interest from parents with school-going children. The pandemic posed a question in parent’s minds. Obviously that question being: ‘Are their children learning and benefitting from the virtual classes?’ Without a doubt this question was asked while teachers, parents, and students all struggled to adjust. As the transition to the new normal for technology-based teaching mediums continued. Without a doubt, our Schoolio team works hard to put parents’ minds at ease. Doing so by offering flexibility to choose from specific curriculum units. These units being based on provincial topics in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Customizable in-home learning solutions.

Clearly, with the option of purchasing customizable in-home learning solutions. Parents have been taking the lead to boost their kids’ learning abilities. Indeed they are doing so at a flexible pace with Schoolio. Apart from this, Schoolio now offers modules that fill the gaps created by virtual and in-person learning. Through our learning modules, you can now add an extra layer of educational support. Whether that be for math, language, and social concepts. As well as coding and financial literacy. 

A recent study shows that parents are more likely to enrol their child in homeschooling.

It should be noted that according to a recent poll conducted by Schoolio. 41% of parents said they were more likely to enrol their child in homeschooling. Additionally, 43% of parents who were not homeschooling before the pandemic. Took the time to indicate that they are “very likely” to consider homeschooling now. Without a doubt, we support parents with the tools and resources that they need to make homeschooling virtually stress-free. By engaging with them through a unique, customer-only Facebook community that includes parents, teachers, resources and special events. Parents are also provided with resources and support such as assessment tools, listening sessions, ideas to keep children engaged and motivated and more. 

How Schoolio offers holistic education.

“We are living in unprecedented times. There’s a constant confusion between virtual and in-person learning.” Says Sathish Bala, founder of Schoolio. “What’s different about Schoolio is that our programs are designed specifically for independent learning. Our aim is to remove stress and worry from the parents who are homeschooling for the first time. Doing so by providing them with the right assessment tools, listening sessions, ideas to keep children engaged and motivated.” 


About Schoolio: 

Schoolio is a Canadian education system that provides parents with a range of customizable in-home learning solutions. With a mission to empower parents to be teachers for their students. Schoolio has created easy-to-follow curriculum modules for Kindergarten to Grade 8. While enabling millions of students with the best academic foundation materials. Schoolio aims to spark a love for education. While also empowering kids to be fully prepared for their future. 


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