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Schoolio™️ Learning Doubling Down to Support Students Struggling with Covid-related School Disruptions

Schoolio™️ Learning Corp. — a Canadian Edtech startup that has been blazing trails in homeschool learning solutions. Since the beginning of the pandemic. Is launching 2022 with fresh tools and support for families facing continuing education disruptions due to Covid. This is in keeping with Schoolio™️’s mission to modernize education delivery. While also Creating a space for students, parents, and educators to co-create personalized learning. “Our goal is simple,” says founder and CEO, Sathish Bala. “Empower the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and think for themselves.”

Filling the educational gap.

Now available in both Canada and the US, Schoolio™️ is doubling down on the strengths that brought them early success. Providing a solid, affordable academic curriculum for homeschoolers and teachers in grades K-8. But they have also felt the frustration. And seen the unmet needs of families who are, once again, left in limbo and uncertainty. By school districts unprepared to grapple with the evolving nature of Covid. To fill the educational gap that is growing due to school closures, staff shortages, and safety concerns. Schoolio™️ is expanding its already substantial set of curriculum for families seeking help with home education.

More than just a curriculum company.

 “Schoolio™️ is not only providing support in the form of academic content. We don’t make a sale and say goodbye. As we also have a huge resource library of articles to help parents with everything from getting started to managing schedules to dealing with struggles.” says Lindsey Casselman, Co-Founder. “We have an active community where staff are there daily helping, supporting, and answering questions. We’ve got your back as you figure out home learning.”

Schoolio After-School

Additionally, Schoolio™️ parents have been asking for tutoring support to help ease the stress of  at-home learning. To meet the need, Schoolio™️ After School is launching February 2022. This unique program combines 1-on-1 lessons, Schoolio™️ subject books, and additional quizzes and worksheets to help students catch up in 2022. For more information, parents can visit https://Schoolio.io/news/Schoolio-now-offers-after-school-tutoring/ to learn more about the program.

“While our primary focus is to support homeschoolers, with our new Schoolio™️ After School program, we aim to help more families minimize the impact of school shutdowns. Unfortunately, teachers have a schedule to keep, and lost days mean loss of education for the student,” explains Bala.

Currently, Schoolio™️ offers curricula to Canadian families for grades K-8 and U.S. families for grades K-3. Schoolio™️’s mission is to build a one-of-a-kind online learning platform that will bring their essential curriculum to any child, anywhere in the world, for free. Schoolio™️ will offer parents and educators a premium version that allows for complete customization of each child’s learning experience, supplementation with premium Schoolio™️ curated content, user-based marketplace content, and more.

To learn more, visit: https://Schoolio.com 

Press Inquiries: Sathish Bala, CEO, Founder – sathish@Schoolio.io


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