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General Homeschool Questions Answered

Is an accredited homeschooling curriculum important? What’s the best way to homeschool? Is Schoolio an MLM? These questions, plus other general homeschool questions answered on episode six of Schoolio Live Q & A.

How important is the ability to choose your learning materials?

Being able to choose a curriculum for your child’s learning experience is vital to help them thrive on their homeschooling journey. That’s why we aim to structure our curriculum so that you, as the homeschooling parent, have the choice to follow government expectations for their grade level, or if you’d like to select your units, you are more than welcome to do that. The key is that meeting your child where they are at with their educational needs is essential. This is why it can be crucial to select a curriculum based on what they need to learn to catch up and thrive rather than following education expectations for their age.

When a homeschooling parent and child choose to mix and match the curriculum, it can benefit your child and your homeschool in general.

Is there such thing as a curriculum specific to a particular country? Like a Canadian curriculum?

A curriculum is a program of study, so any company or government can make a curriculum. It is Canadian or nation-specific when created with that country’s content in mind. In Canada, for example, the government doesn’t make the curriculum; they only make the expectations for children by age and grade. In school, there isn’t a pre-fabricated curriculum. Alternatively, teachers often write their lesson plans. There is no such thing as a government body that will certify a homeschooling curriculum for you.

Is an accredited curriculum important when it comes to homeschooling?

Many parents need their general homeschool questions answered, and this one is no different. Accreditation is only for schools, not for products. Essentially, when the government accredits a school, it must offer certain subjects and content; they must demonstrate that they are assessing.

In summary, every government concept could be covered in our curriculum, but it can’t be accredited as the government can’t control what of it you teach your child.

Is Schoolio Learning an MLM?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumours circulating throughout homeschool Facebook groups that Schoolio Learning is an MLM. The answer is, no, we are not a multi-level marketing company. And when you purchase a curriculum from us, you are not required to sell our curriculum.

Episode 6 of The Schoolio Live Q & A answers these questions and more with Lindsey Casselman and Sathish Bala.

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