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Canadian Homeschooling Curriculum

Learn more about our digital e-books and how our curriculum is helping homeschooling parents across Canada and US with accessible, affordable home kits. You can stop searching and spending hours creating your own lessons and workbooks. 

Helping Families Across Canada

Schoolio curriculum e-books are now available for purchase and download across Canada. We are proud of our growing communities in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Looking for some help to find the right curriculum for your student? Our team can help to customize the right units. Get in touch.

Customer Love!

We love Schoolio! The curriculum is so easy to follow. My kids like that they can set their own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. And most of all, the support from Schoolio is amazing!
Angela Bouzetos
I honestly feel it is well worth price! We looked at a ton of curriculums and but the time you added up all the different elements it was expensive. Schoolio is so simple and straightforward to use. I haven’t regretted our purchase at all!
Elizabeth Margaret

Our Mission


You’re Schooling At Home, Not Schooling Alone.

Schoolio provides parents with a range of customizable in-home learning solutions. You can choose our full, all-in-one curriculum program or choose specific units and build your own year.

Parents with children in virtual-learning or in-person school can add-on and supplement their child’s education wherever and whenever they need.

Our curriculum is completely Canadian content, from math measurements to history and geography. We align well with most provincial standards and offer specialty units that focus on provincial topics, with more to come!

Meet Team Schoolio

The Schoolio team includes educators, parents, and experienced homeschoolers who understand the unique needs and capabilities of the world of home education. The Schoolio team is here to help you, with a commitment to superior customer service.

Why Schoolio? We know Canadian content for home education is hard to find. We want to change that! We will continue expanding our library to meet more and more provincial needs.

All our Schoolio customers are welcomed into our unique, customer-only Facebook community that includes parents, teachers, resources and special events. We know that a warm, supportive community is an important part of homeschooling success!

Customer perks also include additional resources, like planning and scheduling tools, boredom buster ideas, and more. When you join Schoolio, you’re not on your own!

Schoolio’s curriculum is the perfect fit, whether you are homeschooling full-time, or just need some additional resources for virtual or in-school learning!

Canadian Math

No need to change measurements, weights, or money from US units!

Our mastery program follows the latest in expert content recommendations for each grade, including Financial Literacy and Coding for every grade!

Canadian History

From first contact to Confederation to modern day communities, our history program is progressive and all Canadian! Includes prairie First Nations, early life in central and western Canada, and Westward Expansion.

Canadian Geography

Physical geography of Canada, including provinces and territories, as well as Canadian national interests and international issues and relations, our Geography program is uniquely Canadian.

Why Parents Are Turning to Homeschooling

How Does Schoolio Align With Provincial Government Outcomes?

Not all homeschoolers care to follow provincial government outcomes, if that’s you, Schoolio’s structure lets you mix & match whichever units meet your unique child’s needs and interests!

Some homeschoolers prefer to follow provincial government outcomes, for a variety of reasons. We have you covered too! While it isn’t feasible to modify content to each provincial government’s specific outcomes, as a Canadian curriculum company, we align much better than most! We cover much of the content required by most provinces- including Canadian history and geography, government, and Canada’s international relationships. Combined with our rigorous math program, Schoolio is everything your child needs for a top-quality education!