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Why You Should Teach Your Child About Honeybees

Did you know that honeybees are responsible for almost one in every three bites of food that you eat? Honeybees also play an essential role in every aspect of the ecosystem. By supporting the growth of flowers, trees, and many other plants, these then serve as food and shelter for all creatures. Are you wondering why you should teach your child about honeybees? Let’s take a look.

There are many reasons.

There are so many reasons why you should teach your child about honeybees; to narrow it down, here are the three most important reasons.

Learning about honeybees helps our children maintain a healthy respect for buzzing creatures.

It’s very typical for children to have a bit of fear related to bees, especially if they have been stung by a wasp, bumblebee or some other buzzing creature. Fear of bees has caused many misunderstandings from previous generations about their importance. That can all change, and fears can disappear when we educate this generation about what honeybees are like and how important they are to all of us. Honeybees are so much more than tiny, stinging insects, and when we educate our children, they can start to see them for what they are.

Honeybees are essential to human life and health.

You could help your child understand that honeybees are essential to human life and the environment. They work as pollinators and producers of almost every plant that you see. When honeybees thrive, crops thrive, the environment thrives, and we thrive, which is why it’s so important to teach our children that.

The future belongs to our children.

And that future needs honeybees in it to be a promising future. As our children get older, it will be up to them to help shape the world around them. That’s why teaching them to care for, and respect honeybees is so essential, as these honeybees are so crucial for plant life on Earth.

Now, you know why you should teach your child about honeybees, but how can you do it?

1. Create a honeybee garden in your yard.

The honeybees will be extremely grateful to have a garden full of plants to help them thrive. Planning and creating a garden will be fun and informative for your child. Are you curious about what types of plants the honeybees will enjoy the most? Check out this list!

2. Set up a visit with a beekeeper.

Many beekeepers are more than happy to give you a tour and share their knowledge of honeybees. Look up local beekeepers and find out if they do visits. Then enjoy an afternoon learning about honeybees!

3. Go outside!

Taking a walk in nature is an excellent way to get familiar with wildlife and honeybees at the same time.

4. Check out the Schoolio Science unit all about Bees & Honey!

Education really is the best tool for helping our children learn about the importance of honeybees. This is why the Schoolio Science: Bees & Honey Special Interest unit is a must-have.

What’s in the Schoolio Science: All About Honeybees Special Interest Unit?

This unique special interest unit is all the buzz for families aiming to teach their children about the importance of honeybees. Each lesson of this special interest unit is packed with fun and helpful information to bring a bounty of knowledge to your child.

Your child will learn all about Pollination and Pollinators while doing a fun ‘I Spy Pollinators’ game following the lesson. Then they can dive right into the importance of bees in lesson 2, and have fun working on the “What Do Bees Do?“, activity. They then can work on some fun experiments like the pollination experiment where they can use bee, butterfly and flower templates to experiment.

Additionally, your child will have the opportunity to learn important lessons and activities like “Life in the Hive: Who’s Why?”, “Life Cycle of a Honeybee”, “How Do Bees Make Honey?”, and more.

We are pleased to be able to offer such a unique learning unit to help your child learn all about the importance of honeybees for a super affordable price.

Science: All About Honeybees – Special Interest Unit

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