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When Your Homeschool Schedule Isn’t Going As Planned.

What do you do when your homeschool schedule isn’t going as planned? 

Autumn is such a fitting season for school to resume. The weather outside matches the excitement that many homeschoolers feel when beginning a new school year. Both the new season and the beginning of a school year are fresh, crisp, and filled with promise. Many excited homeschool parents have their colour coded schedules all ready to go. Some are already diving into their curriculum with their students for the year. Staying on schedule can feel really good, but what do you do when your homeschool schedule isn’t going as planned? 

First of all, it happens.

It happens to all of us. Not just in the category of ‘homeschool’, but in all  categories of life. We all have times that we’ve made elaborate plans, and then plans suddenly changed and those hopes you once had are just a distant alternate reality that didn’t come to fruition. When things don’t go as planned it can become frustrating, overwhelming, and sometimes cause anger.  Because we just want things to work out the way we had originally planned, who doesn’t?

So, what do you do when your homeschool plan falls apart? 

Your amazing colour coded, perfectly planned schedule is now null and void. What now? Do you become aggravated? Because now you have to start over from scratch? Do you try to rewrite the plan? Or do you just throw away the plan and wing it? What’s the best alternative to a broken homeschool plan? 

When a setback occurs for your homeschool or any other area of your life you should always:

  • Check in with yourself.

Clarify what the initial goal was. What were you hoping to accomplish with your homeschool plan? How close did you come to accomplishing this goal? Taking a look at what you were hoping to ‘accomplish’ and how close you came are simple ways to ground yourself in reality and help you not too overreact when things get messy and the plan gets interrupted. Change and scheduling issues are inevitable. Because life is a series of ups and downs, so try not to let this pull you down. 

  • Remember the truth. 

Setbacks and messed up plans are not a reflection of you as a person or a homeschool teacher. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, and sometimes they do. Life is a never ending balancing act. It’s really important for you to remember that this isn’t your fault. Sometimes things change, and it’s how we react to the change that matters the most. 

  • Know that you aren’t the only one with the scheduling issue. 

Believe it or not most, if not all, homeschool families experience setbacks and delays when it comes to accomplishing that which they had originally planned. For sure it can be frustrating, but homeschool parents are one-of-a-kind. Strong, brave, and not afraid of a set-back. When things get turned upside down, utilize this opportunity to show your kids that life doesn’t go as planned, and through the set-backs we learn important lessons and test our resilience. 

  • Plan for the unexpected.

When things get off-track, plan for them to get off-track again. Because they will! That’s part of life. Sometimes we can’t control our circumstances, really no one can. There isn’t a single person in this world that has the ability to know when the unexpected will happen. So expect the unexpected, because I guarantee it will happen. 

  • Ditch this false idea that things need to be perfect.

It’s homeschool, not traditional school. It won’t look like ‘real school’, because it’s not supposed to. You probably won’t have school desks, a big chalkboard, and colour coded binders (or maybe you will). You won’t be able to get your kids to sit at their desks in their house for 6 hours. Homeschooling is different, and it is beautiful. You can personalize your schedule, you can decide when is the best time for education to begin and end for the day. It’s not perfect, because it’s not meant to be. 

  • Don’t get stuck in it – move forward.

Things didn’t go as you planned? OK. Let’s move forward. Learn from your mistakes. ‘What happened that threw us off our plan? Did I maybe plan too much?’ Relax your schedule. There are so many circumstances that can occur. Like, the whole family catching the flu, the homeschool curriculum company experiencing printing delays, your child finding a topic they’re really interested in and want to spend more time on. And the list continues. 

Instead of becoming upset and discouraged when your homeschool schedule doesn’t go as planned, focus on the fact that sometimes things fall off track. Move forward. Always, move forward.


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