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What’s a Learning Pod?

Whether you are a new homeschooler or an old homeschooler, “Learning Pods” seems to be a ‘new’ aspect of homeschooling for everyone.  So, what is a Learning Pod? 

According to www.learning-pods.com, Learning Pods are characterized as being, “Small group learning with an experienced teacher for a whole-child education from the safety of your home.” 

Many seasoned homeschool parents are now thinking to themselves, ‘But that’s a Co-Op!’ 

A Learning Pod and Homeschool Co-Op have many similarities, and honestly, I was just as confused as many other families when I heard of Learning Pods. So, what’s the big difference? 

According to www.thehomeschoolmom.com, “A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals.” Like Geography, Art, Crafts, Science, Music. 

The main differences that I can see between a Learning Pod and a Class Homeschool Co-Op would appear to be the content being taught. In a Learning Pod, you have basically one person responsible for teaching children. Creating a little pod of learning, thus the name: Learning pods! Learning pods appear to be a new way for families to keep their children safe from the pandemic that is raging outside. Co-Op is a shared experience between many different homeschool families, where they join together to teach their kids fun classes, like art. Leaving the core subjects, like math, and language arts for the structured classes at home. 

Along with that information, I’m pleased to inform you that on the newest Schoolio Podcast we interviewed Marie Pihl. Marie is a first-time homeschooling mama who is managing her own Learning pod successfully. Marie Pihl has three children, ages, 8, 7 and 5.  She worked as an Event Coordinator for Children’s Aid for many years before deciding to stay home, full time with the kids. Currently, Marie works part time as the Community Development Manager at Schoolio and is homeschooling her 3 kids at the same time while also managing a Learning pod. (Where is her super hero cape?) 

Today we asked her lots of questions about what Learning Pods can look like, and we even got some awesome legal information from Sathish Bala regarding how to have a safe, legal, pod. We hope that you enjoy this new Episode of The Schoolio Podcast! 

Stream it now on your favourite Podcast Streaming app, or click the link to find it directly on Spotify! 


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