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Want to Homeschool More Efficiently? Try this!

Are you frustrated with your current homeschooling situation? Do you want to homeschool more efficiently? And does the circumstance below sound overly familiar?

It’s 2:00 pm, and your sink is full of dishes, goldfish and cheerios scattered all over the dining room and trailed into the living room like some odd trendy art studio. You dreamed of making a roast chicken and potato dish for dinner but forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer to thaw.

There is a list of five hundred things you’d like to get done today, but you find yourself sitting at the table with your eight-year-old as he constantly avoids answering the math questions that appear before him. You feel like you are wasting 80% of your day trying to lesson plan and get your children to accomplish some curriculum.

Do you want to homeschool more efficiently? How can you accomplish this?

First, you need to simplify your learning materials. If you are using a homeschooling curriculum that is leaving you and your children frustrated and overwhelmed, you will never be successful.

Try a curriculum that is open-and-go.

What is an open-and-go homeschooling curriculum? It means you aren’t spending hours planning your homeschooling lessons. Schoolio’s open-and-go curriculum means you can simplify the prep and spend more time enjoying the process. If you couldn’t schedule prep time, the lessons are organized neatly so your child can stay on track without elaborate planning. They can open their books and go!

Use a curriculum that is easy to follow.

Have you used a homeschooling curriculum that had you check multiple books to ensure you covered all the bases adequately? The problem is that you are now overwhelmed by all these books, feel you’ve missed something, and your dining room table looks like a library that lacks a librarian?

The Schoolio curriculum has raving reviews from both seasoned homeschoolers and new homeschoolers. Both stated the same thing: We love the simplicity of the lessons. We don’t overcomplicate learning; we stick to the basics and make it easy for the student to understand and for the parent to teach.

Try a customizable curriculum.

Having a customizable curriculum is essential for your children’s learning needs. There’s this outdated misconception that children should all learn the same way and simultaneously. The opposite is true; kids thrive when their learning content is customized to meet their needs.

If your child needs help with concepts they haven’t yet mastered, you can customize the curriculum to help them master those skills. Alternatively, suppose your child finds their current level boring. In that case, you can customize their curriculum to reflect their interests by going more of an interest-based route with fun electives to keep them learning and intrigued.

Schoolio has received many positive reviews about our customizable curriculum options because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Every child is unique, and therefore so should their learning journey. If your child is genuinely struggling with a specific subject like, for example, Math Grade 2 – remember they don’t need to stick with math grade 2. You can switch it up and dive back into a unit of Math Grade 1 to help them refresh and master the skill.

Use an affordable curriculum.

Many homeschooling families are single-income, so finding a good homeschooling curriculum can be tricky. Because let’s face it. Homeschooling curriculum can be expensive. Finding an affordable, quality homeschooling curriculum is so important. Compared to top homeschooling curriculum companies, Schoolio Learning is the #1 choice for affordable and quality content. Curious how the two compare? Check this out! 

That means you can get what you need for your child’s learning without breaking the bank.

Purchase a curriculum that has a reasonable amount of content.

There are many homeschool curriculums that are so full of content, you barely have time to think. The pressure of ensuring your child finishes everything before the end of the year can leave many parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed as they know that if they miss a day, they won’t be able to finish at the time they’d like to.

Schoolio curriculum is created with those needed breaks in mind. Life happens; sometimes we get sick, sometimes we like to go on field trips, sometimes no one feels like diving into a lesson, and sometimes we want to take a week off to reset. Our curriculum was created by homeschooling parents that know that those homeschooling breaks are just as important as the content that you purchase to teach.

Our full learning bundles are filled with excellent lessons in Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts, enough to encourage continuous learning but not overwhelm the family’s schedule and rhythm.

Want to homeschool more efficiently? Remember you don’t have to revolve around your homeschooling curriculum.

Homeschooling is a beautiful opportunity to educate your child from home and help them thrive on their learning journey. We have to be careful not to be blinded by this idea that you must make your homeschool ‘just like traditional school.’  Suppose you constantly fight with your kids to get them to complete assignments x, y, and z before the ‘next period’ of your day. By the end of the day, everyone is burnt out and even if your child completed assignments x, y, and z, they didn’t retain the knowledge because they were too stressed.

Your life doesn’t have to and shouldn’t revolve around your homeschool. Your homeschool should revolve around your life. If you want to take a fun field trip with the homeschool group to the museum but have a pile of Math to complete, it’s ok to pause the math work to enjoy the fun moments.

Because learning happens everywhere. It’s not just in books or classrooms; learning happens in the car, at the park, grocery store, the museum, and the art gallery. Learning is everywhere.

Do you need help choosing the right homeschooling curriculum for your family?

We’ve got you covered! This blog is by Lindsey Casselman, co-founder and head curriculum writer at Schoolio Learning. She walks you through essential steps to choosing the best curriculum for your family and lifestyle.




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