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The Schoolio Digital Update You’ve Been Waiting For

This is Big! The Schoolio Digital Update You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Schoolio Digital Update

Schoolio Digital was released in September of 2022, and if you’ve tried it at any point in the past six months, you’ll know just how great it is. Schoolio Digital takes our celebrated curriculum content and has entirely digitized it. We’ve taken the content you love from our fantastic read-aloud book format to an animated audio-video experience. Doing so for a generation of kids who’ve grown up learning from screens. Now, Schoolio is ready to release the next version of the platform, delivering multiple features that Schoolio users have been asking and waiting for, and we can’t wait to show it to you! Which is why this is big! The Schoolio Digital update you’ve been waiting for!

What’s included in the Schoolio Digital update you’ve been waiting for?

Performance and Video Updates:

Clip from Schoolio Digital Learning Lesson

If you’re new to the Schoolio platform, you won’t know how BIG a facelift the platform just got in both speeds of performance and appearance. If you’ve been with us for some time, we’re excited to bring you a better experience. Including faster load times, no more lagging videos, and the new platform appearance is SO MUCH FUN! Schoolio students are space explorers, travelling from planet to planet, always learning something new!

Assessment Updates:

Digital Assessments:

You asked for it, and we delivered! We’ve added digital post-lesson assessments all over the Schoolio Digital platform! Now your student can learn and test their knowledge on the platform! We’re recording their scores for you, so don’t worry about that pesky marking! For kids who love to be entirely online, this is a significant update to our capabilities to mark and record keep on your behalf!

Dashboard Analytics:

All those digital responses your child does? Don’t worry; they’re being recorded for you, and grades are collected. You’ll be able to see where your child is within a course and how they are doing grade-wise in that course. This dashboard will become more and more robust with our subsequent updates as we keep adding and adding to the platform’s capabilities.

Schoolio Digital Dashboard
Schoolio Digital Dashboard

PDF Downloads:

Do you love that the Schoolio platform combines video lessons with printable activity pages to do at home, hands-on and handwritten? You’re not alone! Many customers enjoy this hybrid experience, so don’t worry; the PDF download option for lesson activities isn’t going anywhere!

Schoolio Digital Worksheet

Vibe CheckTM:

What is Vibe CheckTM? It’s what we’re calling the new addition to the Schoolio platform that checks in with your student as they do their daily work, seeing how they are feeling about school. Sure, knowing your child’s academic scores are excellent, and sometimes necessary. But at Schoolio, we genuinely believe there’s more to success than math scores.

How a child feels about learning is vital to their engagement and retention. And how do we know how they feel about learning if we never ask? Vibe CheckTM is in its infancy on the platform right now. We ask your student periodically how they are doing, collect the data, and present it to you on your Parent Dashboard.

Still, the scope and capabilities of this feature will skyrocket in the coming months as we can review the data and make changes and improvements to the content, the platform, and the experience as a whole as a result of the feedback. Imagine a platform that tells you if your child is experiencing math anxiety, the best time to learn grammar for maximum retention, the courses they should try based on their preferences and passions, and even when they need a quick wiggle break! All this will be coming soon from the Schoolio Vibe CheckTM tool.

Content Updates With The Schoolio Digital Update You’ve Been Waiting For:


We’ve added even more content to the platform, and you’ll see as soon as you explore the marketplace that the number of courses being offered has expanded. With additional courses, you can create an even more customized and robust program for your child!

Our content still includes all four core subject areas- Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies (history and geography). We’ve added more science and social studies topics to encourage engagement and spark your child’s curiosity. And, in classic Schoolio style, our library will continue to grow as we stay dedicated to offering choice and customization at the heart of our educational design.

Standard (Imperial) & Metric:

We’re also happy to now offer all our courses in both American and Canadian versions. This means our Canadian customers can get their math and science in metric measurements, Financial Literacy in Canadian money, and a library of Canadian history and geography courses!

Mix-and-Match Grade Levels:

As always, Schoolio is dedicated to a custom-fit program for each learner. Your child is unique, and their education should be too! All our courses are split into individual units, allowing you to mix and match grade levels at the strand level. This means instead of choosing a single Math course containing all strands at a single grade level. You can mix and match the strands within Mathematics. Maybe your child struggles with Geometry, but they’re well ahead of the game in Financial Literacy. You aren’t restricted to choosing the same grade level for both strands. All our content is provided in this way to allow you to design the perfect program for your child!

Schoolio Digital Marketplace
Schoolio Digital Marketplace

Neurodivergent Friendly:

Just as our paper books have been esteemed as a fantastic fit for our neurodivergent learners (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.), so will our online platform. We’ve maintained our bite-sized learning lessons for maximum attention and engagement. Our post-lesson activities continue to give you options for hands-on learning, outdoor exploration, and alternative strategies for all learners to thrive!

Scheduling Updates: 


Custom scheduling has been one of our forefront features; with this new release, it gets even better. Choosing to school with Schoolio doesn’t mean you’re confined to your schedule or pace. Can you make a custom schedule for each of your students? Of course. Can you schedule an entire course as a repeating event (say, every Monday at 2 pm?) Absolutely! Take a vacation whenever you want- you’re in charge of the schedule and create your timetable, which appears on your parent and student’s dashboard for reference and time management.

Custom Courses:

Did you know you can make custom courses and lessons with Schoolio Digital? You can! What does that mean? It means you can finally have everything you use to school in one place. It means you can create and upload your content right into the platform. You can add that Escape Room you bought from Etsy into your child’s timetable and lesson schedule. You can even add extracurricular, like sports practices or club meetings, to the schedule, or you can add errands and chores to your child’s timetable. This feature is a game-changer!

We Love Feedback!

We are so excited to launch this massive update to the Schoolio Digital platform, and we hope that our current customers love it even more than you already have and that if you haven’t tried it out yet, you’ll come and explore it. Loving a feature? Wishing for a tweak? From course topic suggestions to Parent Dashboard display or any other features, please don’t hesitate to contact Schoolio with your ideas and suggestions! The best part about teaming up with a company committed to customization and in the building phase of the platform is that we can (and want to!) design it to be precisely what you need, so please let us know!


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