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The Role of Play and Rewards in Education

Should homeschooling be fun? And what is the role of play and rewards in education? In Episode 7 of The Schoolio Live Q & A, Sathish Bala, CEO of Schoolio, shares that he has talked to many homeschooling parents who felt that it wasn’t normal to incorporate play into their homeschooling routine.

What is the role of play and rewards in education? 

“Play is the first form of learning that any kid does, right? Any toddler playing with blocks is learning about the world around them. As they get older their interests will change, but we can adapt that to still be educational.” Shares Lindsey Casselman, Co-Founder and Lead Curriculum Developer at Schoolio Learning. It’s important to have a balance, even if a subject isn’t necessarily fun, it can still be rewarding.

Can rewards be beneficial for those challenging subjects?

If your child isn’t enjoying math, and it’s tricky to make it fun for them. Try to make it rewarding for your child. Maybe a nice walk when the algebra lesson is complete, or a hot chocolate when they complete their writing for the day. The rewards don’t have to be extravagant. Actually, the simpler the better. Let’s just take a look at adult life, you work, and you might not enjoy it, but the reward is that you will get paid. Why not offer little rewards for those subjects that your child is struggling with?

Find out what motivates your child.

Does your child enjoy working towards a reward? What about incorporating play into their learning routine? Spend some time learning what motivates your child and then aim to incorporate that into their learning plan.

Listen in to this intriguing conversation with Sathish Bala and Lindsey Casselman on the Schoolio Live Q & A.

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