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You aren’t the only one who feels like they just aren’t mastering this homeschooling gig. In fact, there’s hundreds of parents who are second guessing themselves and feeling super low. It’s really hard to manage life, work and homeschool on top of all of that. Thankfully for you, there are amazing people who know that you might be struggling and want to help you through it. One such person is Lisa Marie Fletcher, founder of The Canadian Homeschooler. Lisa Marie Fletcher is a homeschooling mom of 5 kids ranging from preschool to high school. When her homeschooling journey began, she searched for Canadian homeschooling resources and started to share them online. That was the beginning of The Canadian Homeschooler – whose mission today is to connect Canadian homeschoolers with each other and with resources to help them on their journey. She knows how you feel, and she doesn’t want you to get stuck in those feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm and frustration. She instead wants you to feel all the good feelings that you truly should be feeling.

During our recent podcast interview, Lisa Marie talks about ‘Backwards planning’ which is a really cool concept! You write down what you did, after you did it. Rather than writing a list of things you need to accomplish for each day and then feeling guilty when you don’t get to all of them, you instead will just jump to your morning, accomplish the things that need to be done and write them down. Talk about a stress reliever. Lisa Marie also shares her 6 steps for starting homeschooling. Because she understands just how overwhelming it can be to start homeschooling. She aims to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and to instead have a direct plan to help you get through the first few months of homeschooling.

During the episode Sathish Bala (CEO of Schoolio) asks, how a partner can be more involved with homeschooling, or be more involved at home to help the parent that is taking the brunt of homeschooling on. Both Lisa Marie and Jaymee help him with this question. Giving advice to help him and others find ways to help their partner during this new homeschooling chapter. It’s our mission at Schoolio to bring you the best, content which is relevant to your Canadian Homeschooling journey which is why The Schoolio Podcast episode 7 is dedicated to helping you have the best homeschooling journey, here in Canada.

To listen to The Schoolio Podcast Episode 7 click on the link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7I41lZAzh0Ik6Bf5xYaoI0

Or find it on your favourite podcast streaming app.

To learn more about Lisa Marie Fletcher and The Canadian Homeschooler, check out her website: https://thecanadianhomeschooler.com you’ll find an amazing blog, tons of resources and more about The Canadian Homeschooling Conference.


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