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The Burnout Remedy For Parents

Burnout isn’t exclusive to office workers. It’s widespread among parents too. While not as talked about, parents are struggling now more than ever before, which is something that we need to talk about. Unfortunately, many parents (with dads being at the top of that list) don’t seek the help they need when they’re feeling burnt out. Instead, they dismiss their feelings and continue trying to get through it independently. Which has us wondering, what is the burnout remedy for parents?

The burnout remedy for parents that we all need.

Dr. Ben and Dr. Ashley from The Burnout Blueprint have 14 years of combined experience helping parents with burnout. Their vast focus is on quality of life; how do you feel? How are you sleeping? They always found that burnout was gradual; it didn’t happen quickly. However, they have seen burnout in parents become much more prevalent over the past five years and now much worse since the pandemic.

Homeschooling parents are lacking that community which might be aiding in that burnout.

Lindsey Casselman, a co-founder of Schoolio, shares that since the beginning of the pandemic, she has seen a rise in homeschooling parents feeling immensely stressed. She believes that it is due to the lack of community that homeschooling parents are dealing with now. Before the pandemic, parents had access to homeschooling communities and a way to get a break. Now they are essentially cut off while trying to manage their mental health.

Zoey, CEO of Daddy’s Digest, shared that she once was a teacher and yet found it very difficult to try to homeschool her child during the pandemic and believes that parents are feeling very guilty for what their children are facing right now.

Immediately overnight our homes became our workplace.

Dr. Ben shared that immediately overnight, your home became your workplace. We often focus on burnout in the workplace, but we don’t usually look at the home environment, the working from home, and the homeschooling environment. To get well again, we must identify where on the burnout spectrum you are. Are you just starting to feel burnt out? Or are you deep in it? Recognizing this is the first step in the burnout blueprint to get the burnout remedy in full motion.

Pillars of good health are hugely important.

Good food, good sleep, exercise, and surprisingly doing less. These are all very important for parents to emphasize. Are you finding that you are working more and more hours but getting less and less done? Then it’s time to understand that your might be dealing with burnout, and it’s time to get help!

Learn more about The Burnout Blueprint by Daddy’s Digest on the Schoolio Live Q & A, Episode 4.

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