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Teaching Our Kids About The Election

Teaching Our Kids About The Election – Guest Blog by Meredith Blunt

I’m back! Oh and I am super excited about the resource I have to share today. Have you ever found something as a homeschooler that thrills you to the core? If so share it with us in the comments. I LOVE finding amazing educational materials for the kids and myself. And I’m sure that you do, too. Today’s amazing find is all about teaching our kids about the election! 

It’s Election time! 

Here in Canada we are getting ready for a federal election on September 20th this year. As a result, the candidate signs have hit all the roadsides. And the door-knocking is well under way. Some of us have met with our local MP’s and the news is full of election stories. The reality is, if we’re seeing and hearing this, our kids are too.

Which is why learning about our elections history and Canadian democracy is really so important. And is also a great way to bring politics, civics and history to your homeschool curriculum. You can do this while supplementing brick and mortar education.

Elections Canada has amazing educational resources available for all classrooms and teachers. I apologize that my photos can’t completely capture everything I received! All the resources, information, activities and worksheets are available digitally. Or can be shipped to you in English or French.

Be aware each kit contains materials for up to six students. Which is especially good for learning pods. And truly excellent for sharing with members of your local homeschooling groups, too.

Engaging Activities for Kids.

Elections Canada has worked with like-minded organizations that support democracy education. Doing so to create engaging activities and resources for learners from the primary years right through high school. Their collaborators include the Library of Parliament and Provincial and Territorial electoral agencies.

As well as non-governmental agencies like Encounters with Canada, Forum for Young Canadians, MediaSmarts and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. They are great quality and ship very quickly. Everything is budget-friendly because it’s all free! FREE! I love free.

For Kindergarten to Grade 3. 

For our primary learners (Kindergarten to Grade 3) there is a wonderful election simulation activity called “Choosing our Mascot”. It includes clear and adaptive instructions for us educators. As well as all materials necessary and five beautiful illustrated posters. All of which were Created by an Indigenous artist for each candidate. Along with their campaign speech and song. 

Teaching our Kids about the Election

For Grade 4 and Up!

I am having a hard time choosing a favourite kit for students in Grade 4 and up. You’ll find these activities labelled as ‘secondary’ level however are adaptable to junior and intermediate students. Especially the mapping ones! First, let me preview those because I love a good map!

The Geography of Elections and Mapping Electoral Districts kits are so cool. All the secondary kits begin with great inquiry questions such as “What is my federal electoral community?” And, “How does it compare to others?”.

Geography of Elections includes two huge maps illustrating Canada’s Federal Electoral Districts and the official results of the 42nd general election. This is important because it helps to strengthen map literacy skills. While gaining understanding of the geographic and human factors that help create our country’s electoral districts.

The activity in Mapping Electoral Districts involves maps to use dry-erase markers. They can do this to name and label a country of your imagining with electoral districts. While considering things like population density, languages spoken and shared histories. Map work is a winner in our home!

Teaching our Kids about the Election

Grab your Election kit today!

The kits explore vital, living resources that will help us guide our children into informed voters. And educated, passionate civilians of an evolving and modern democracy, also. With topics ranging from the history of voting rights and civic action in Canada. To becoming a savvy critical thinkers in the online world. This is a big win as a contemporary and impactful component of your home education.

Teaching our kids about the election

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