Schoolio Realizes Major Fundraising Success

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In August 2021 Schoolio Learning Corp., based in Toronto, Canada, completed their seed round with great success of fundraising with a $250,000 investment from Quod Vox.

Revolutionary Education

Schoolio is a revolutionary online learning platform serving both homeschoolers and educators. They also strive to ensure every child can fulfill their learning potential by providing a full-year K-8 curriculum. This curriculum meets essential educational requirements and allows for flexibility and interest-led personalization. Additionally, Schoolio provides a support network for the home learning community. While also providing a pool of community-created thematic resources. These resources then extend learning beyond the essentials with topics that captivate, inspire, challenge, and fulfill students.

Fulfilling a need in education.

Schoolio launched in August 2020. Perfectly timed to meet the tremendous need for simple, complete, and engaging at-home education solutions. In less than a year, Schoolio was serving over 1,000 customers across Canada. The seed investment from Quod Vox has been the capstone to their inaugural year. This success is the first of many initiatives Schoolio will undertake. As it ramps up the growth and expansion of its inclusive and personalized learning ecosystem.

“This funding is an important milestone for our team and I am very proud of the work we have put into our curriculum and the support and feedback we are getting from parents across Canada.” said Sathish Bala, Schoolio’s CEO and Founder. “COVID has shown millions of parents that we need to be more involved and active with our children’s education. We cannot simply rely on the schools or report cards. Having access to curriculum that is taught in class is the first step in awareness for parents and Schoolio is proud to bring world-class content to our parents.”

From The CEO of Quod Vox.

Aurelio Baglione, CEO and Founder of Quod Vox Investments. Gave insight into their enthusiasm for Schoolio and why they have the recipe for future success. “I was really impressed with the vision, mission and traction that Schoolio has already demonstrated. The need for home education is growing globally and the team at Schoolio has the right mix of experience and skills to bring education support to the world. We at Quod Vox are excited to be a part of this journey.”

Schoolio is working on Phase 2.

Currently, our curriculum is personalized to support families in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and BC. In addition to this, their sights are set globally. With the assistance of Quod Vox’s seed investment, Schoolio is already at work on Phase 2. Building a one-of-a-kind online learning platform that will bring their essential curriculum to any child, anywhere in the world, for free. Schoolio will offer parents and educators a premium version that allows for complete customization of each child’s learning experience. Along with supplementation with premium curated content, user-based marketplace content, and more.

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To learn more, visit: http://schoolio.io and see them featured in Entrepreneur.com.



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