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Every Child is Unique.
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All Kids Can Love Learning with the Right Supports.

That’s Why We Designed Schoolio, to Help Every Parent and Child Love Homeschooling!

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Personalization Is the Key to Success

If we can all agree that every child is unique, then we know that we can’t design a program that does one thing, in one way, and expect it to work for every kid. Neurodivergent kids can be vastly different from each other- but there are key features we can implement that makes learning easier for many. That’s what we’ve created at Schoolio. A place where you can customize for your one-of-a-kind child’s needs, knowing that all of the content is designed to work for their unique brains.

Try it, and watch them thrive before your eyes!

Schoolio Ebooks

Schoolio EBooks are where it all began. Our original program, designed with neurodivergent kids in mind, is what put us on the map as a young start-up! Some kids get overstimulated learning from a screen, and need the kinesthetic feel of a pencil on paper. If that’s your kiddo, this is where you get started with eBooks!

Online Learning
Schoolio Digital

Schoolio Digital was born from parents telling us how much their kids love being online for their learning, and how important that independence and emotional regulation is for them. Many kids find video lessons and online work the best way to learn. If that’s your kid, this is where you get started with Digital!

Best of Both Worlds

Launch your microschool

Turns out, 60% of our customers actually use a combination of books and the online platform! Some kids want to watch video lessons but then do their practice work by hand in a workbook. If that’s your kiddo, this is where you get started with the Have-It-All Bundle! 

We Made Schoolio for Us, and for You, and for Every Child Who Learns Differently

When our neurodivergent child started Kindergarten, we had problems immediately. The environment was just not something she could cope with. It was overwhelming and overstimulating. The one-size-fits-all education model was too much for her to keep up with, and the system doesn’t allow for much flexibility or accommodation.

I was afraid she would never succeed.

Pulling her out of school to try homeschooling was the best decision we ever made. BUT we still struggled. Most curriculum content and online learning programs for homeschoolers just recreated school-at-home, with the same inflexibility into what topics we covered or how we could manipulate grade levels of content.

Frustrated after several years of trying all sorts of programs, I realized the key to success was the ability to personalize the program to our child’s needs. No two kids are the same! We started designing our own program, specifically to make learning work for neurodivergent kids. And Schoolio was born!

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Tailor the curriculum to meet your child’s unique needs, including neurodivergent students.

🏠 Learn Your Way With Schoolio

Which Families Homeschool?

  • Families Seeking Support for Neurodivergent & Unique Learning Needs: Students with neurodivergencies and other unique learning needs are the least likely to succeed in a typical traditional classroom. Many of these families never planned on homeschooling, but had no other choice when the system couldn’t accommodate their child. This is Me!
  • Families Seeking an Alternative Lifestyle: Homeschooling allows families to not feel anchored to a single place. Many remote workers, digital nomads, and those who want to explore the world choose homeschooling for on-the-go learning while exploring the world!
  • Families Seeking a Non-Traditional Education: More and more parents are dissatisfied with the traditional education system, for a variety of reasons. They are joining the homeschool movement to take back ownership of their children’s education. 
What Parents Need to Know Before Homeschooling
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🏠 Complete K-8 Homeschooling Solution With Schoolio

Made for You: How Schoolio Serves Neurodivergent Learners

Our all-in-one curriculum covers the essentials: math, language arts, science, and social studies, but what makes your Schoolio education truly unique is our additional content libraries, our digital platform, and the way the program is designed to accommodate unique needs.

🚀 Kids Who Are ADHD:

  • The Schoolio Program offers “bite-sized learning” across all our courses and formats. This maximizes limited attention spans and increases retention of the most important information. 
  • Schoolio lessons are designed with color and animations to create engagement, but refrain from heavy graphics or rapid motion within videos to decrease distractibility.
🚀 Kids Who Are Autistic:
  • The Schoolio Program  is based around child-led, interest-based learning, with a massive library of content to choose from, which let’s our autistic kiddos follow their passions and SPINs.
  • Our Future-Readiness Library emphasizes Social and Emotional Learning, which are crucial skills to develop for all kids, but may be more of a struggle for autistic children.
🚀 Kids Who Are Dyslexic/Dyscalculic:
  • All Schoolio content is available in both book format and self-paced online courses. This means kids and parents can choose a reading experience or an audio/visual experience. 
  • Schoolio’s unique unitization of courses allows for grade level mix-and-matching, which is great for kids who may be working at different levels across different subjects. For example, kids with Dyscalculia tend to be behind in Numeration but not any other strand of math- and Schoolio allows for this customization based on your child’s unique needs.
🚀 Unlimited Access with Your Digital Subscription: Access every grade, every subject, and all courses in Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies. Mix-and-match grade levels to meet your child’s needs. Pick-and-choose subjects of interest to create the perfect program. Every lesson includes an animated video, plus digital quizzes, printable PDFs, and additional resources. 
🚀 Digital Platform Features:
  • Scheduling capabilities and open-exploration mode put you in the driver’s seat of what and when your child learns.
  • Custom lesson creation lets you complement existing units with field trips, experiments, or other activities.
  • Custom courses lets your add learning of your own creation or from other sources. You can even add chores, sports, or other activities to your child’s Schoolio schedule!
🚀 Student Success Plans (SSPs):
Feel completely confident this year with a personalized plan created by a Schoolio teacher specifically for your child. Share with your teachers your child’s interests, strengths, and your objectives and they will create a custom plan just for you. Week-by-week layout for easy planning and helpful guidance and advice, this service is ideal for new homeschooling parents.
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Not Sure Where To Start?

Proven Success:

  • Join Over 7,000 Families: Across 11 countries, families rely on Schoolio year-round
  • First-Time Homeschoolers’ Top Choice: We’re the #1 choice for those new to homeschooling, ensuring a smooth and supportive transition

Comprehensive Support:

  • Extensive Resources: From core subjects to interest-based and future-readiness libraries, we’ve got you covered.
  • Personalized Plans: Our Student Success Plans tailor learning to your child’s strengths and interests

Nervous About Taking the Leap? Solution: Schoolio’s Proven Success

  • Join Over 7,000 Families: Across 11 countries, over 7000 families are learning with Schoolio!
  • First-Time Homeschoolers’ Top Choice: We’re the #1 choice for those new to homeschooling, ensuring a smooth and supportive transition


Not Sure What to Teach Solution: Schoolio’s All-in-One and Extensive Libraries

  • From core subjects to interest-based and future-readiness libraries, we’ve got you covered with everything you need in one place


Overwhelmed with Planning and Choice? Solution: Schoolio’s Tools and Support

  • We make planning simple with flexible, easy-to-use planning tools or custom assistance from our team
  • Personalized Student Success Plans: Our Student Success Plans tailor learning specifically to your child’s strengths and interests


Feeling Alone in This Decision? Solution: On-Going Support and Content from Schoolio

  • Free Resource Library of Parent Tools, Weekly Tips, and Monthly New Releases
  • Benefit from expert support and a community of homeschooling families to guide and encourage you in the Schoolio Families Community Space


Worried About Your Child Being Behind? Solution: Schoolio’s Comprehensive Curriculum plus Placement & Assessment Tools

  • Resources across all subjects ensures a well-rounded education
  • Placement tests and end-of-unit assessments help you get and keep your child right where they need to be!


Concerned Your Child is Bored with Learning Solution: Schoolios’ interactive lessons and interest-based learning libraries

  • Bring back engagement and the love of learning by keeping your children excited and engaged
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