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SCHOOLIO PARTNERING WITH DADDY’S DIGEST to Bring One-of-a-kind Burn-Out Course for Parents

Schoolio, a Canadian education startup, is thrilled to announce a unique partnership with Daddy’s Digest. With this new partnership, Schoolio and Daddy’s Digest aim to help parents make parental burnout a thing of the past.

“Schoolio partnering with Daddy’s Digest is a meaningful step towards our goal of partnering with brands already educating in all areas. Daddy’s Digest is serving parents in many different forms, and we think Schoolio families will benefit from what they are offering.” shared Sathish Bala, CEO and Co-founder of Schoolio.

The Burnout Blueprint, a remedy for parental burnout.

Through The Burnout Blueprint course, you can learn unique tips that will help you explore how to get back to enjoying your time again. This course is filled with information and lessons to teach you about the different stages of burnout and why your energy might be so low. In addition to studies about healthy sleeping patterns, stress connections, adrenaline & burnout. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about how hormones affect burnout and how burnout negatively affects your brain. In addition, you’ll also learn how to eat and exercise to recover from burnout or keep burnout from taking hold. While also learning how to set and maintain healthy boundaries while recovering from burnout.

“We are delighted to partner with Schoolio so more parents can begin their road to recovery after a very challenging few years.” Said Zoe Share, CEO of Daddy’s Digest. “My husband Stuart and I developed this course with Dr. Ben and Dr. Ashley after we sought support from our burnout and recovery from Covid, which my husband got while I was 38 weeks pregnant. We knew that other parents must be feeling the same way. This course was developed with dads in mind, but moms, you can watch it too! Working with Schoolio is all about getting families the best resources we can. So that there can be happier, more balanced and healthy families.”

The Burnout Blueprint results from deep research.

Dr. Ben and Dr. Ashley have years of combined experience successfully treating parental burnout. And as a result, they, in collaboration with Daddy’s Digest, have created this unique course. The Burnout Blueprint course is based on intense research and positive results from Dr. Ben and Dr. Ashley. They are utilizing tools that have been successfully used with thousands of patients. The Burnout Blueprint has an incredible blend of years of research, testing, papers and unique practice. This has then been condensed into 11 modules specifically designed to have a substantially positive and successful effect on burnout.


About Daddy’s Digest:

Daddy’s Digest aims to help parents experience parenting from a different perspective. They provide an online magazine, website, and video and audio channel focusing on fatherhood and family. While also exploring current affairs, popular culture, and human dynamics.

They also offer in-depth features, personal stories and expert advice to help both parents on their parenting journeys, with the overall goal of being better partners and parents.

Learn more about Daddy’s Digest.

About Schoolio Learning:

Schoolio is a Canadian education startup company that provides parents in Canada and the United States with a range of customizable Kindergarten to Grade 8 curricula, worksheets and digital content.

One of our primary goals is to empower parents to be teachers for their students. As a result, we have been engaging millions of students with the best home learning materials available for the most affordable price. We hope to continue doing so while empowering children to be fully prepared for their fantastic futures.

 Learn more about our exclusive products.


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