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Schoolio Learning Corp. Selected for BIOPIC AMEX Mentorship and Grant Program

Schoolio Learning Corp. has been selected as one of 100 recipients of American Express’s new mentorship and grant program. Which is Known as Blueprint: Backing BIOPIC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Businesses. 

This highly competitive program provides participants with:

About Schoolio Learning Corp.

Schoolio Learning Corp. launched in Canada in 2020. Since then, Schoolio has enjoyed skyrocketing success in its first year. As Schoolio’s unique learning program serves both homeschoolers and educators. Doing so by providing a full-year curriculum that meets essential educational requirements. While also allowing for flexibility with one-of-a-kind unit studies. After only one year, over 2,000 Canadian homeschool parents have made Schoolio their go-to. Doing so by using Schoolio’s curriculum for grades K-8. The grant and other resources from Blueprint are sure to cement this early success.

Blueprint’s Program Resources.

Blueprint’s program resources are designed to have a substantial impact on the businesses chosen. “Findings showed that over half of BIPOC entrepreneurs have difficulty accessing networking opportunities. This in comparison to just 36 per cent of white business owners. A lack of access to guidance and peers has a cyclical effect on the success of BIPOC-run businesses. Because without community successes and failures to learn from. Business owners struggle in making inroads. Because it requires extra time and effort. Which leads to perpetuating poor outcomes. And this is no mystery to BIPOC business owners. As 68 per cent of whom believe mentorship would have a positive impact on their business.” National Post

Schoolio Learning Corp CEO Responds:

Sathish Bala, CEO of Schoolio. Weighed in on the positive affect of being chosen for Blueprint. “Being a BIPOC founder, support from AMEX and DMZ is very inspiring. It’s also a big milestone for Schoolio. Our team is committed to creating an inclusive and open education platform for everyone. Our aim is to support homeschooling parents and students in search of a good education. Not just here, but across the globe. We’re grateful for the funding and networking support offered through Blueprint. Because of this grant from Amex and DMZ, Schoolio will reach more learners.”  

Currently, Schoolio offers curriculum to Canadian homeschoolers for grades K-8. Along with U.S. homeschoolers for Kindergarten, expanding to K-8 over the next few months. However, their sights are set globally. The $10,000 grant from Blueprint will help them as they build a one-of-a-kind online learning platform. This platform will bring their essential curriculum to any child, anywhere in the world, for free. Schoolio will offer parents and educators a premium version. The premium version will allow for complete customization of each child’s learning experience. As well as supplementation with premium Schoolio curated content. Along with user-based marketplace content, and more. 

To learn more, visit Schoolio.

Watch American Expresses’s Announcement Video.

Press Inquiries:

Sathish Bala, CEO, Founder – sathish@schoolio.io


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