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Schoolio Empowers Homeschooling

Schoolio Empowers Homeschooling in Canada.

Toronto, ON, May 03, 2021 – It’s common knowledge that every child learns in their own, unique way.  Which makes homeschooling such an obvious choice for many families. Being that with homeschooling, a child has the ability to learn hands-on. And also at their own pace. Schoolio is a Canadian homeschooling education startup. Working hard to empower homeschooling families. They are doing so with excellent resources and curriculum. These are important tools that families need to make their homeschool journey positive, encouraging, and effective for the whole family.

Impact of the pandemic on homeschooling.

Homeschooling allows flexibility and customization for families. Since the beginning of the pandemic, homeschooling parents have grown by 24.5%. The number one reason being that homeschooling provides many wholesome benefits. Including that children are provided with stress-free, personalized, and flexible learning options. As a result, children can also absorb important life lessons. Like how to do laundry or cook. Along with many other life skills that are usually overlooked with traditional schooling. 

“Schoolio was founded by parents. What we do best is enable current and future parents with the right tools and techniques to homeschool successfully.” Says Lindsey Casselman – Lead Writer at Schoolio and founder of Linden Tree learning. “Our curriculum comprises completely of Canadian content. From core math, language, science, and social studies fundamentals. To newly introduced concepts including financial literacy and coding. Schoolio empowers homeschooling.”

Alternative learning method.

Furthermore, homeschooling has seen a rapid rise in 2021. Clearly this increase was a direct result of the pandemic. Evidently, more and more parents are turning towards homeschooling as an added layer of education. And in some cases even as an alternative to their child’s current learning methods. Schoolio works hard to help Canadian parents transition their environment into a wholesome, homeschooling atmosphere. They are doing so by providing carefully structured lessons, practice work, assessment tools, sample schedules, and more.

Finally, homeschooling also allows personal care to a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and developmental needs. Schoolio’s unique programs are designed for accessibility, regardless of parental education level.  Facts like fluency with English language, or household income are not important with Schoolio curriculum. As Schoolio provides a thorough, and complete education for students at every grade level and learning ability.


About Schoolio: 

Schoolio is a Canadian education startup. That provides parents with a range of customizable in-home learning solutions. With a mission to empower parents to be teachers for their students. Schoolio has created easy to follow curriculum modules for Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Schoolio enables millions of students with the best academic foundation materials. While also sparking a love for education. And empowering kids to be fully prepared for their future. 

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