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Report Cards and Homeschooling

When I was driving by a local school, I saw the sign ‘Report Cards are Out’. And instantly remembered being in high school and the pressure I felt for end of semester marks. I always wanted to get the very best grades, and keep a high GPA. So much so, that I would make myself miserable when I didn’t get the marks I wanted. I put so much pressure on myself to do better, all the time. And that quickly became an unhealthy obsession. Soon I became my grades. I didn’t feel good about who I was, if I wasn’t getting good marks. It didn’t matter that I was excelling in the arts, what mattered were my report cards. I placed huge focus on the areas I lacked in. And, chances are you’ve felt this way also, at some point in your life. Maybe you just never felt like you could be the best at something. Perhaps you became slightly obsessed with being better and doing better.

For generations society has been obsessed with this fast paced, ‘get ahead’ lifestyle.

If you aren’t working hard, then you’re failing. If you aren’t getting the results you want, then you’re failing. We praise people for getting the highest score, we applaud those who have accomplished the most. And the others get left in the shadows. Thankfully, that’s not what homeschooling is about. Homeschooling is so much more than just ‘keeping your kids home’. It’s about teaching them that what they’re doing matters. It’s about helping them cultivate a love for things that truly matter to them. And helping them grow and blossom into the people that they were meant to be. Homeschooling is about taking that huge academic pressure off them. Then helping them learn in ways that are unique for them.

Finding Things They Love.

When Homeschooling you can spend more time finding things that they really, really love. Like art, music, science, acting, and then helping them reach goals in those areas. Without the pressure of ‘being the best’. See, homeschooling is just so much more than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  Homeschooling is about connection and discovering what truly matters to them. So many people have fallen into this idea that education is only about learning those math equations, mastering those sight words, and making sure your report cards mirror your academic excellence.

But that’s where we’ve got it all wrong.

Education is about learning in so many different areas of your life. It’s about measuring out the proper proportions for a recipe in the kitchen. It’s about spending time outside studying different critters living in the garden. Education is about helping your kids feel accomplished doing things that they love. I get it, you’re reading this and thinking ‘Uh, but Math, Reading and Writing are all extremely essential to my child’s education.’ And you couldn’t be more right. They are so important! But homeschooling gives your child the opportunity to learn these important subjects in a more relaxed manner. And in ways that they enjoy. Homeschooling teaches them to have fun with learning, which is truly how learning should always be.

Homeschooling teaches your child other avenues of learning.

It’s about helping them excel in areas that truly benefit them. Some kids enjoy the more pressured life, of tracking their grades with their report card and knowing what they need to do better. Other kids feel the need for relaxation, and the very thought of keeping track of their grades makes them overwhelmed and frustrated. As always, it’s important to remember that each child is different. Every child is unique. And literally every child has a different way of learning. I have three kids, and each of them excel in different areas. Each one of them respond differently to their education, they all learn in a way that is unique to them.

An Example of Learning Differences:

My oldest loves the idea of getting an A+ written on her school work. In fact, sometimes after she has completed a sheet of math problems, I see that she’s put an A+ on her sheet after she’s checked her answers. My other daughter is the complete opposite. She doesn’t want to know how she’s doing with her education. She just wants to get it done. Then she wants to play. She doesn’t care if she gets an A+ or a D. However, she’s extremely musical and spends so much time sitting at the piano learning new classical pieces. Her soul seeps into the keys as she learns a new set of notes. And has learned so much more through music, than she ever had in books. Every child is different, and that’s truly a good thing! Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same, wouldn’t it? With Homeschooling, you have the opportunity to allow your child to excel in the best way that works for them.

But Report Cards can still be so beneficial!

It can be fun to keep track of their grades, year by year. If it stresses out your child, then don’t show them the report. If it makes your child feel pride – then show them! Either way, keeping small records of how the year went can be beneficial for you and your child. It’ll be easier for you to track where they are at academically and even emotionally. You’ll notice what areas they need a little extra help in. And what areas they’re doing the best in.

The Schoolio Homeschool Report Card.

We have an incredible Homeschooling Report Card available for you to use for free! If you are interested in keeping track of the year, or maybe your child is like my oldest daughter and wants to take it to her grandparents to brag. This report card is the perfect fit. The Schoolio Report card keeps track of more than just their academics. Also included: Character traits, arts and so much more! Because we believe education is holistic! Education isn’t just about the 3R’s, it’s about art, growth, happiness, and academics. A beautiful balance. You can leave fun, positive notes on your child’s report card. Pointing out just how awesome they are, while offering encouragement for areas that they’re struggling in. Have fun with it! And help your child know that their value goes beyond the grades that they get.

Download your FREE Schoolio Report Card below!


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