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Popular Canadian Homeschool Curriculum Now Adapted and Available to Parents in the U.S.

In Fall 2021 Schoolio Learning Corp. will expand to the U.S. homeschool market. Bringing popular Canadian homeschool curriculum to the U.S. market. Beginning with their #1 best selling program, a 36-week curriculum covering both PreK and Kindergarten.

Schoolio launched in Canada in 2020. And was met with instant success. Their unique learning program serves both homeschoolers and educators. By providing a full-year curriculum that meets essential educational requirements. While also allowing for flexibility and interest-led personalization. Schoolio has crafted a team of curriculum writers who are teachers. While also having homeschool experience. Leveraging knowledge and skills from both arenas to ensure their offerings meet parents’ needs. After only one year, over 2,000 Canadian homeschool parents use Schoolio’s curriculum for grades K-8.

Schoolio Curriculum
While designed primarily for print-at-home use, Schoolio’s curriculum is also available for shipping as a workbook.

From the Schoolio CEO:

Sathish Bala, Schoolio’s CEO, provides insight into their expansion plan. “Since our launch in August 2020, we have had many U.S. parents asking for a U.S. version of our Kinder program. Our team reworked the entire 900+ pages for U.S. families. Our combined pre-K/K program helps set your child up for success in Grade 1, filling any gaps as needed. Over the next few months, we will continue to release more grades and continue our mission to support homeschooling parents across the U.S.”

Schoolio’s popular PreK/Kindergarten curriculum includes: 

  • A sample schedule. 
  • Themed weeks that parents can build on at home.
  • Core subjects + enrichment activities (Math, Language, Handwriting, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Art).
  • A weekly program guide that provides suggested guidance every single day.
  • Sight word flashcards.
  • Book recommendations to match each week’s theme.
  • Media recommendations to match each week’s theme.
  • A fun, themed art project or activity each week.
  • A biweekly assessment to help parents make sure their child is on track.

From Co-Founder, Lindsey Casselman:

“The Schoolio Kinder program was written with two goals in mind.” Says Lindsey Casselman, Schoolio’s Co-Founder and Curriculum Lead. “We wanted to completely remove the stress on homeschooling parents about what to teach, when, and how. We also wanted to create a program that was fun, engaging, and hands-on for our youngest learners. This program covers all the academic foundations needed to start Grade 1. So parents can rest easy knowing they have it all covered. And without the stress of planning, they can really engage with their child. Making it possible for everyone to have fun learning together.”

Bringing essential curriculum to all children.

Currently, Schoolio offers curricula to Canadian homeschoolers for grades K-8. Over the next few months, they will expand their U.S. offerings to match. However, their sights are set globally. Schoolio’s ultimate goal is to build a one-of-a-kind online learning platform. This platform will bring their essential curriculum to any child, anywhere in the world, for free. Schoolio will offer parents and educators a premium version that allows for complete customization of each child’s learning experience. And supplementation with premium Schoolio curated content. Along with user-based marketplace content, and more.

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We are pleased to bring popular Canadian homeschool curriculum around the globe!

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Sathish Bala, CEO, Founder – sathish@schoolio.io


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