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Each day is a new opportunity to reach new parents and engage parents and students using our ebooks or digital platform to ensure we provide the highest quality educational content and support resources.

While most days we are naturally excited to work and hustle, some days, the journey up the mountain feels unusually exhausting. After three years of climbing up our mountain, some days, we feel like we are only a few meters off the ground. Welcome to startup life, eh?

By design, startups are the most complex projects to embark on; even though this is my fourth venture, nothing is familiar except for my muscle memory in leadership that helps me navigate challenging days.

I was asking myself, “how can I feel more connected to our parents and how I feel more connected to our mission?”

One idea is to share more – to share our journey up this ‘education mountain. Every day, as we climb, we meet other incredible parents, students and educators climbing their version of this mountain. Sometimes we pause and chat – via our FB account or concierge’s line; sometimes, we look at each other from a distance – through our social media engagements, and occasionally we wave at each other with our LIKES, SHARES or REPOSTS.

I hope to write more and use our blog to share our perspective with you, our customers. We want to be more than a logo on a page – or words in a chat bubble or voices you hear on our podcasts. We are more than that – we are parents just like you, our customers, entrepreneurs like some of our customers, and educators like the many teachers who use our products. We share a common vision for how education MUST evolve to meet the needs of our children – in a digital world. We can’t unsee the inequalities that simmer beneath the surface of seemingly democratic education ecosystems. As tricky as it might seem, we can’t prepare children for a future that none of us can predict without a new model. With the rapid (and unprecedented) evolution in AI, growth in the gig economy, globalization, and access to information like never before – we have to rethink our approach to education. NOW.

In the past three years, our small two-person team has grown into a culture of 20+.

That’s a ton of people to align as we try to move up our mountain – together, in harmony – and at a pace that fits our purpose. We know we will stumble, some of us will lose our foothold and fall back a bit, some of us will carry more significant weight and ever so often, we will have to stop and camp as we pivot and refocus. No matter how hard the climb becomes, I am confident we’ll fight to carry each other and our trusting customers forward with us.

We are at one of those moments again – a new version of our digital product, the one we have been waiting for, is finally ready in a few weeks. Now we can help our parents and educators with auto-grading, videos that support neurodiverse learners, social and emotional student check-ins and an easy-to-track dashboard for parents. This is a long-awaited update to Schoolio and exactly the excitement we need for 2023.

We have always been proud of the flexibility Schoolio offers parents who homeschool – and starting soon, any student can enroll in our virtual school – with a dedicated educator!

There are also many stories that we can share – that we want to share with our community. While each story has a unique perspective, we are all united in a mission to help EVERY child find their unique and unlimited potential.

We hope to see you on the way up ⛰,

Sathish Bala, CEO, Founder


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