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Lack of Support for Educators

There is a continued lack of support for educators, causing many educators to leave the profession altogether. Many educators report feeling exhausted and burnt out especially following two years of confusion related to online and pandemic learning. Sathish Bala, CEO and Co-Founder of Schoolio Learning, and Lindsey Casselman, co-founder and lead content writer, share their thoughts on this education crisis.

The lack of support for educators is causing an educational crisis.

“What do you think is happening? Is it all Covid related? Or was that the final push over the edge?” Asks Sathish during episode 5 of The Schoolio Live Q & A. “I think that teachers were already struggling and overworked, and Covid was the straw that broke the camels back in a lot of areas.” Shares Lindsey. The reality is, the more teachers that leave, the more pressure and stress is placed on the teachers that remain.

What can educators do to lessen that stress that is constantly being placed on them?

Lindsey shared in episode 5, that teachers don’t just teach during the day, and that’s it. They are working around the clock preparing materials for learning, lesson plans, and more. Everyone seems to be under the impression that teachers don’t have it so bad because they get to sign out at 4pm, have weekends off, and summers too. But the reality is that teachers are always working to ensure that their students are getting the most of their education. Then when they head to the classroom, they must find a way to teach 20+ children effectively. Most parents would agree from their time at home with virtual learning, that even just teaching one or two children can be challenging, now imagine teaching 20+ daily.

Tips for finding balance as an educator.

The lack of support for educators is truly causing a trickling-down effect that is now causing many students to slip through the cracks in the education system. If we help the teacher, we can help the students. So how can teachers find the balance and help that they need as educators?

1. Outsource your planning.

Many people don’t realize that teachers actually write and prepare most of their classroom content. Not only is that time-consuming, but it’s also draining. So why not utilize a curriculum that you can use again and again to help your students excel? Something like the Schoolio curriculum is perfect for teachers preparing lessons.

2. Assign simple tasks to your students.

When you have a large class size, it can become very overwhelming, pretty quick. So set up simple tasks for your students in the classroom, that way you aren’t doing it all.

3. Find some good mentors to help guide you.

Getting someone else’s opinion is important, especially when you have such an important job like teaching. Finding good mentors is very important to help guide you through the tough days and challenges that you will inevitably face.

Find out more on Episode 5 of The Schoolio Live Q & A with Sathish and Lindsey.

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