Kids Are Struggling With School Now More Than Ever Before.

Kids are struggling with school now more than ever before. Where is the problem? Is it the education system? Could it be the teachers? Or is it the parents? It’s hard to pinpoint the exact problem, but it is clear that children need consistency, especially when it comes to their education. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s education has been anything but consistent. Between school closures, lockdowns, online, and in-person, children have had a massive lack of consistency which has ultimately led to them falling drastically behind with their learning.

Kids are struggling with school now more than ever before.

But did this issue start before the pandemic? Was the pandemic the catalyst that shone an ever needed light on the fact that children are slipping through the cracks of the education system on substantial levels since long before the pandemic began? The truth is that giant class sizes and budget cuts are a recipe for children’s education to be neglected. While it’s true that some children thrive in these situations, many others do not.

Sathish shares that his daughter struggled to understand certain concepts; she wanted to learn more about specific subjects. But there just wasn’t enough time in school to be able for her to explore her education the way that she wanted. Flexibility in education is another important factor constantly neglected in the traditional schooling model. This is why many parents are turning to homeschool.

Parents are concerned for their children; they don’t know where or how to start when it comes to homeschooling.

Firstly, if you aim to start homeschooling, you need to get into successful habits for your own family. The first and most important habit that successful homeschoolers get into is flexibility. Not to be confused with inconsistency. When you’re flexible as a homeschool family, your children have the opportunity to learn at their pace. To dive into what interests them and to realize that learning is all around us. Embracing that learning happens all the time, that knowledge is and should be a lifestyle, not just something that happens from 9 am – 3 pm a day.

Let go of this fear that you are ruining your child’s education by homeschooling.

It can be a scary thought to take your children out of school and try to teach them to help them catch up when you feel unprepared. You have to stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough to teach. And you should never aim to fill your child’s day with bookwork. Take it one day at a time, make it simple, and be patient with yourself and your child.

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