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How to Navigate and Annotate Schoolio Digital Lessons

Are you new to the Schoolio Digital Platform? Using the Schoolio digital platform might overwhelm you, and learning a new digital system can be confusing! That’s why we are here to help guide you through every step on the Schoolio Digital platform so that you and your student will be successful while bringing fun back into learning. Let’s learn how to navigate and annotate Schoolio Digital lessons to keep you and your student on track with your learning journey. 

This blog will cover the basic concept of navigating and annotating Schoolio Digital lessons; It is much easier than you’d think, so let’s dive in!

How to Navigate and Annotate Schoolio Digital Lessons.

Now that you have successfully added a student to your portal, added courses to your students portaladded courses to your planner, learned how to download and print your lessons, and successfully learned how to subscribe, you can take your next step: Learning how to navigate and annotate Schoolio Digital Lessons.


Step 1: Select your student

Step 1: Select your student.

Your first step will be selecting which student you would like to navigate the lessons for. Your students will be listed on the main portal; once you have located them, you can select the one you want to work with and push the orange arrow under their name.

Step 2: Scroll down to courses

Step 2: Scroll down to your student’s courses.

Now that you have selected your student, you will go to their portal. You can scroll down to your child’s courses below the planner on their portal.

Step 3: Select the course

Step 3: Select the course.

Once you have scrolled down to your child’s courses, you can select the course you want. Push the green ‘open’ button under the course thumbnail and details to open the lesson.

Step 4: Select the lesson

Step 4: Select the unit and then the lesson.

Now that you have selected the course you want to work on, you can choose the unit and the lesson. Once you have decided which lesson you would like to work on, you can push the orange button with the arrow by the lesson name.

Step 5: Scroll down the lesson

Step 5: Scroll down the lesson to below the video.

Now that you have made it to the video, you will see the video lessons and resources to the left, and on the right, there is a note section for anything your student might find interesting during the video. Scroll down until you see PDF 1 – Lesson and PDF 2 – Worksheet. 

Step 6: Locate PDF1 and PDF 2

Step 6: Locate PDF 1 – Lesson and PDF 2 Worksheet.

You will see PDF 1 – Lesson and PDF 2 – Worksheet. The PDF 1 – Lesson is the main lesson outline with discussions and suggestions for how the lesson can go. PDF 2 – Worksheet is the worksheet that comes with the lesson. Select PDF 2 – Worksheet. 

Step 7: Select Annotate

Step 7: Select Annotate

Once you have opened PDF 2 – Worksheet, you will see the worksheet for the lesson. Notice the toolbar at the top of the lesson. You will select the annotation button, symbolized by the toolbar’s letter T.

Step 8: Write

Step 8: Write through annotation.

Once you have selected annotation, you can click where you would like to write, then drag to make a text box to write in. You can write the answers in that text box until you have completed it. When you are finished, you can select annotate again to insert more answers onto your worksheet.

Step 9: Draw

Step 9: Use the drawing tool.

If you need to draw instead of using the writing annotation, you can locate the little pen symptom and select it. Once you have selected the pen symbol, you can choose the colour you want. Then you can draw wherever you need to in the lesson. Note: There is also an eraser available for mistakes; select the eraser symbol when needed. 

Save 10: Save your pDF

Step 10: Save your PDF.

When you have completed filling in the answers with either the pen or text option, you can save your answers by saving the pdf. You will see a green ‘SAVE PDF’ button at the bottom of the worksheet. Push this button, and it will be automatically saved to this lesson.

Step 11: Select 'Complete'

Step 11: Select ‘Complete.’

When you have completed the lesson and have successfully saved the PDF, you can go back to the lessons page. You can then manually select ‘complete’ next to that lesson by locating the white button over ‘incomplete’ slide it across to make it complete.

Step 12: You’re all set!

Now that you have completed the lesson, you’re all set! You can either move to the next lesson or go back to courses and select another course to work in. Learning how to navigate and annotate Schoolio Digital lessons might seem like an enormous task, but you are doing it! And with time and practice, you and your student will be navigating and annotating pros!

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Do you need more help when learning how to navigate and annotate Schoolio Digital lessons?

Check out this thorough explanation video about all about how to navigate and annotate Schoolio Digital lessons.

How to Navigate & Annotate on Lessons.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always here to help.


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