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Does Your Child Struggle to Learn From You?

Does your child struggle to learn from you? They appear to have no issue learning from anyone else, but they shut off the second you pick up a book and try to teach them. Why is that? In Episode One of The Schoolio Live Q & A, Sathish Bala, CEO of Schoolio Learning, shares that his daughter said, “I can’t learn from you.” When he attempted to teach her during the beginning of the pandemic.

He was being fired from teaching his child.

Sathish shared that he felt he was being fired from teaching his child. He then realized that so much of what he was trying to teach his daughter wasn’t his; it was his dad’s blueprint. Sathish wasn’t alone in feeling this way, as many parents felt the same way during the height of the pandemic. As a parent-teacher, you are faced with the unbearable weight of trying to ensure your child is learning what they are supposed to understand when they’re supposed to be learning it.

This can cause parents to feel terrible stress, making them short-tempered, frustrated and irritated. Unfortunately, this stress can also bring out the worst in them, as Sathish noted during the episode.

How a unit system can help.

Lindsey shares the importance of an excellent curriculum to balance parents’ worries about meeting all the requirements. A simplified, easy-to-teach curriculum is the best alternative for veteran and new homeschoolers. Aside from a simplified and easy-to-teach curriculum, Lindsey pointed out the importance of a unit learning system. Sharing that when you have access to a unit style of education, you can pick and choose what your child needs to be learning and when.

Suppose you notice your child falling behind in one area of math but not another; you can select the unit your child needs to work on. Rather than choosing a grade lower for their math, you can select the unit they need.

Leaving a community.

Lindsey also shared how the first few days, weeks and even months of homeschooling can be challenging, especially if you have removed your child from the public school system. She shared how it felt like she was leaving a community when she decided to homeschool her two children. This is why she urges the importance of finding a good homeschooling community.

Another way to add fun to your homeschool and help ease the tension and stress is to include Special Interest Units like those available on the Schoolio Shop. Adding a fun unit on Trees and Forests or Pirates could be what your homeschool needs. Does your child struggle to learn from you? Don’t worry; there are things you can do to help.

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