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Debunking Homeschool Myths

Homeschooling has become so much more mainstream in the last decade. Despite that fact, there are still so many homeschooling myths. A couple weeks ago we posted a blog about the #1 myth surrounding homeschooling, which as you probably guessed it, is the thought that homeschooled children aren’t socialized. A belief that drives homeschooling families crazy. Aside from that myth there are still so many other myths that are just so far from the truth! That’s why this blog is dedicated to debunking homeschool myths.

As stated above, the #1 myth surrounding homeschooling is that homeschooled children aren’t socialized, we already busted this myth with great detail. Click Here to Read  Now we will jump to the next series of myths that drive homeschooled parents crazy.

Homeschool Myth #2: Not very many people homeschool their children.

That’s a myth. If you read the blog about socialization and homeschooling then you will know right away that that’s a myth. Why? Because there are literally millions of children being homeschooled worldwide. Why has homeschooling become such a popular option? It’s so easy to blame the pandemic, because yes that has caused a huge rush of parents to homeschool. But realistically parents have been turning to homeschooling for a while now because many parents have found that homeschooling puts their child’s needs and goals at the core of their education.

Myth #3: Homeschooling families all fit into the same mould.

That’s a nope. In fact, there are many, many different types of homeschooling families. Each is unique in their own way. There are families where the mother just stays home and teaches while the father goes out and works. There are single parent homeschoolers, there are families with so many kids, there’re families with one kid, there are different cultures, there are religious homeschoolers, there are secular homeschoolers. The differences are pretty distinct, but their reasons are often relatively similar.

Homeschool Myth #4: Children that are homeschooled don’t learn as much.

Most, if not all, homeschool programs are extremely thorough and detailed. When you choose to homeschool your child, they have the opportunity to learn in a way that is unique to them which often will be much better than the alternative. Homeschooling is customizable right from the teaching, to the schedule. Because of the customization and flexibility, children have the opportunity to move at a pace that works best for them.

Myth #5: Homeschooled children can’t function in the real world.

That is for sure going to be debunked. Because homeschooled kids spend every day in the real world. The belief that homeschooled kids spend all day sitting at home is false. The reality is that homeschooled kids get so much more time outside, they learn so much about their surroundings when they’re learning from home. Traditional learning often has kids sitting in one room for hours in a day. Homeschooled children spend lots of time out and about, interacting with their community.

Homeschool Myth #6: Homeschooled kids don’t get into College.

Do you think that’s true? I know for a fact that it’s not. Because I was homeschooled, and I was accepted into University just fine. I’ve been debunking homeschool myths my entire life. But don’t just take my word for it, because statistics show that Homeschoolers have a higher rate of attending college than any other group of children. 66.7% of homeschooled kids, compared to 57.5% of traditional public-school children. Even some well known colleges seek out homeschooled kids because they recognize their unique qualities and skills that they often have, like being self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Check out these statistics on homeschooling: Click here


Myth #7: Homeschool parents aren’t qualified to teach.

This is a sore subject for a lot of homeschooling parents. Because they’re tired of being underestimated. The truth is, that parents are the best teachers for their children. Parents teach their children to talk, walk, eat, read, and function in the world around them.  Contrary to popular belief, parents are actually the most qualified to teach their children. Parents choose a professionally crafted curriculum which aids and guides them on their teaching journey, so they are more than qualified to teach.

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional learning and there’s nothing wrong with homeschooling. Both are different and important. Whichever avenue of education you choose for your family, be sure not to judge the other group of people and the decision they made. They are doing what is best for their family unit, just like you are. The general rule is just, be kind!  I hope you’ve enjoyed debunking homeschool myths with us! Let us know what homeschool myths drive you crazy?




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