Celebrate the little things

Has homeschooling been giving you a lasting amount of anxiety?

So many parents are now struggling with this new normal of homeschooling their kids while balancing work, and home life. It’s a challenge, a huge under taking that unfortunately is causing a lot of anxiety for many parents.

2020 was a year of ups and downs, a year that we learned how to live differently from what we had become so accustomed and comfortable with. Many of us are still wishing they could go back in time and land in a place where things were the way they were pre-2020. I totally get that, but the sad truth is – it will never happen.  So, listen, you have to learn to take on this new normal and embrace it. Yes, you’re going to have days that leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and dreading another math lesson. But you’re also going to have days that leave you feeling accomplished, satisfied and extremely proud of you and your kids! 

In Episode 12 of The Schoolio Podcast, Sathish and I share our 5 tips for a more peaceful Homeschool year in 2021. One of my absolute favourite things that Sathish shared on the show: Celebrate the little things! Do you do that? Or do you discount all the things that you accomplish in a day, and then mentally beat yourself up for not getting more accomplished. I’d say I land in the ‘hard on myself’ category. And sadly, I actually always have. I’ve struggled with never feeling like I get ‘enough’ done, this never-ending feeling that I have to accomplish more, more, more. But, when will it be enough? At what point can we relax and just be happy with what we did accomplish? The answer: When we celebrate the little things.


How can you celebrate the little things? You and your child completed a chapter book? Celebrate that! Show them that everything they do is important, even when it’s considered small. Your son just learned his times tables? Celebrate that! You just accomplished your third day of homeschooling?! You better celebrate that. Each moment, each accomplishment is huge, important and special. All these little moments are playing into the grand story of yours and your child’s lives.


Many of us were taught from a young age to always think we should be doing more. While we aren’t advocating laziness, we are in full support of celebrating those little moments and little victories, especially when it comes to homeschooling. When we do this, we aren’t just making ourselves feel better, we are also modeling to our kids how to be kind to ourselves. When we do this, we are teaching them how to be kind to themselves as well.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids growing up with low self-esteem, feeling like they’re never enough, and never accomplishing enough. So, let’s break that cycle! Right now, in this moment, choose to be kind to yourself. Choose to celebrate all the little accomplishments, because while they may seem small and mundane, they are actually so much greater than you realize. Choosing to celebrate, and choosing to be kind to yourself is a huge victory for you and your family.

Our hope with the newest episode of The Schoolio Podcast is that you will listen and feel better, utilizing the tools and tips that we equip you with to then improve your homeschool year and life. We care so much about you and are always here to help you.  

Enjoy today’s episode of The Schoolio Podcast and share it with your friends! And please, let us know what you think of this episode!

Stream Episode 12 on your favourite Podcast Streaming app, or listen directly below: 

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