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3 Things You Need To Remember Before Starting Grade 1

Congratulations! Your child has made it to grade 1! I have three children, grades one, three and four. With each one of my children, I always felt like grade one was a huge milestone. You’ve made it through JK and SK and you’re now on a more organized track of learning. With that said, it can still feel extremely overwhelming. I remember the night before my oldest started first grade, I was a wreck!  I kept questioning myself and worrying that maybe I wasn’t doing the right thing. I wondered if I should just register her for school. I wondered if homeschooling was really the best choice. I worried that I wasn’t using curriculum that stood up to Grade 1 Ontario Curriculum.  

But then I remembered the many school interviews we had, and the tug in my gut that this just wasn’t right for her. I remembered that she learns at a much different pace than other children. I remembered that she needed that one on one attention that I knew I could give her, and the public-school system couldn’t. Homeschooling is such a journey, and honestly some days are tough. But each day that you put the effort in to teach your child, is a beautiful day. 

Here are 3 things you need to remember when starting your Grade 1 Homeschool Journey: 

  1. Stop pressuring yourself. Just the fact that you care enough about your child’s education to take on homeschool and sign up for Schoolio, is enough reason to believe in yourself. And remember that the decisions that you are making for your child’s education, are actually really great decisions. Second guessing yourself will only lead to anxiety, and that’s one thing you don’t need right now. 
  2. Every child learns at their own pace. It’s hard when you’re trying to go over concepts like reading, or math. And your child is just not putting effort into learning. Some days, your child may just need a small break. Change the scene. Take them out for a walk, get some fresh air. Play a game. Just like you probably get a little agitated when you’ve been working for a while, they also need patience, and a moment to refresh their mind. You don’t have to accomplish everything in the early hours of the morning. Your schedule is yours. If you need to change it up some days, then do it. 
  3. Be kind to yourself. It’s so easy to allow ‘mom guilt’ to sink in. To feel like ‘I’ve neglected the house work.’ ‘I need to spend more time reading with my child.’ ‘My kid watched too much tv today.’ Mom guilt is a bridge to ruin. Don’t go that way. Every day that you choose to wake up and homeschool, is a day that you rocked being a mom! You are seriously so amazing! So please, be nice to yourself and remember you are doing a stellar job! 

There was no Schoolio when I started homeschooling in 2016 or in 2017 when I began teaching my daughter grade 1, and I truly wish there had been. This incredible education platform cares so deeply about your child’s learning and your mental sanity. They spend countless hours crafting content that makes education fun, all while following the Grade 1 Ontario Curriculum. Nothing gets left out, it’s all there. You’re in the right place, and you’re doing the right thing. Naturally you’re going to second guess yourself, so let’s stop that now. You and your child are going to love this homeschool thing! Deciding to homeschool, was an amazing decision! One that you don’t need to doubt, you’ve got this! Don’t face this new chapter with anxiety, because you are going to rock this thing! 

Jaymee Davis is a stay at home/work at home/ homeschool mama. She’s been teaching her kids from home since 2016 and believes anyone can do it. She is here to help you reach your homeschool goals.


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