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Welcome: Schoolio Planning Freebies

What do you need to accomplish in each day when homeschooling? How can you keep your homeschool on track and set realistic goals that can be easily obtained without throwing you into a frenzy? We love our Schoolio Community, and we care deeply about how you are feeling as a homeschool parent. We don’t want you to feel stressed or worried that you are missing something, or spending the entire day trying to reach unrealistic goals. 

So what is the best way to have a successful school day? Planning is the best strategy to begin with.  So we had our expert planner, Lindsey, create some awesome free schedule planning tools to help you stay on track and not get overwhelmed. 

One Month Calendar 

Starting out by planning your month is a step in the right direction. You can include field trips, school days and days off on your monthly planner. Pro tip: Use pencil to fill out your monthly calendar, so you can easily erase and update. 

Sometimes the plan has to change, that’s totally normal with homeschooling, so be sure to use pencil or erasable pen. 

Now let’s break it down to a one week plan, Lindsey created an excellent template for planning out the week.  In this planner template, every day is slotted to include Math, Science, Language, Art and so on. Be sure to write down what lessons in which subjects on what days they should be accomplishing them. Remember the Pro Tip, changing up the plan is totally normal.  

Weekly Planner 


The weekly planner comes in 1 student or 2 students form. If you have more than one child learning from home, you can take advantage of the Weekly Planner for 2 students. If you have more than 2 students, print out more than one page to match the number of students. 

It’s beyond important to us that you are happy with your homeschool journey. Because we believe that homeschool should be enjoyable for you and your child, it doesn’t have to be ‘another stressful thing’ added to your already full plate. It can be such an enjoyable ride, that you and your child will never forget.   

Take advantage of our free weekly planner and monthly planner downloads. Made free, because we care about your success, time and happiness. 


Download our FREE Weekly Planner and One Month Calendar: 



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