Socialization and Homeschooling

What is the number one homeschooling myth that drives homeschool parents crazy? Does it have to do with Socialization and Homeschooling? You bet!  This whole idea that homeschooled children must be isolated and not able to understand social cues, needs to stop! Because the fact is that homeschooled children do have a social life. Whether […]

Let’s Talk About: Socialization

Hey Lindsey, what’s the difference between Socialization and Socializing when it comes to Homeschooling?  Ah socialization, the most common question asked of the seasoned homeschooler. It’s asked by grandparents and aunts and uncles and family friends and strangers at the grocery store. It’s the source of memes and eyerolls and, yes, sometimes a snarky reply […]

Will My Grade 1 Child be isolated?

With the COVID-19 situation evolving, many parents are concerned about their child’s safety in a school setting. And rightfully so. There’s something terrifying about putting your child in a vulnerable situation that could open them up for infection. So now you’re looking for satisfactory, homeschool alternatives for your grade 1 child that will measure up […]

Let’s Talk About: Activities

So Lindsey, parents want to know is homeschooling boring? Wouldn’t my children get bored always being home? What are some activities that you’ve done with your children to make the homeschool days less boring and still give them fun opportunities? “This is a list of all the activities my kids have done as homeschoolers, mostly […]