Guiding Your Own Growth

Guiding Your Own Growth

Guiding Your Own Growth – Guest Blog By Kaila Gilley. You against the world. On the one hand, this sentiment frees. You choose an untraditional education route for your child, at least in part, because of its liberty—your kids, your family unit, your choice: your opportunity. On the other hand, however, it is a heavy […]

Explain the War in Ukraine to Your Child.

Explain the war in Ukraine to your child

Over the past two years, children have struggled to understand the COVID-19 virus, shutdowns, school closures, and why they couldn’t see friends and families or do sports and everyday activities they love. Many parents became exhausted by trying to help their children feel normal while explaining the pandemic to their children. Now that the pandemic […]

Encourage Learning Throughout the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but chances are you aren’t feeling like it. This time of the year can add a whole new level of exhaustion to the already over-worked homeschooling parent. Are you feeling burnt out from homeschooling, virtual learning or just parenting in general? How can you encourage learning throughout […]

The 20 Do’s of Homeschooling

In the last blog we covered the major ‘don’ts’ of homeschooling. The things that you should try to avoid at all costs, if you want to be a successful homeschooling parent. If you haven’t already read it, you can find it here: 20 Don’ts of Homeschooling. Today we are covering The 20 Do’s of Homeschooling! […]

Should You Quit Homeschooling?

Have you ever felt the untameable feeling that you should just give up on homeschooling your kids? Maybe it’s the frustration from always trying to get your kids to do their math? Mixed with exhaustion, and guilt about how you should be doing more for them? All these feelings have mixed together to make a […]

Staying in the Moment as a Homeschool Mom

Staying in the Moment as a Homeschool Mom – Guest blog by Tawny Stowe The idea of being in the moment has been on my mind a lot lately as I contemplate and experience the concepts of time. As a young adult I thought I had all the time in the world. I was certain […]

Stay Curious With Your Homeschool.

Stay Curious With Your Homeschool – Guest Blog by Tawny Stowe Every child is different! Isn’t this exactly why I wanted to homeschool? To give time and space to my child so he can learn in his own way? Well, intellectually yes. But then I found myself setting up my home exactly like a school. […]

How to Encourage Your Child to Write

Does your child hate writing? You’ve spent an adequate amount of time explaining what they need to accomplish and providing them with the tools to be successful. However, they immediately shrivel up in a ball and start whining. Additionally, they will literally sit at the table and twiddle their thumbs for what seems like hours. […]

How Do You Homeschool With A Toddler?

How Do You Homeschool With A Toddler? – Guest Blog Written By Rebecca Miller Are you wondering if it’s even possible to homeschool multiple children of different ages? How can you possibly teach your 10-year-old math while your preschooler is asking for snacks every five minutes? How on Earth can you practice reading with your 12-year-old […]

How to Use a Digital Curriculum

How to choose a digital curriculum

Are you curious why we are so passionate about our digital curriculum? Lately, we’ve been receiving multiple questions about what a digital curriculum is? How can you use a digital curriculum? And what are the best ways to be successful using a digital curriculum? This is why this blog is all about how to use […]