Do You Need to Overthrow the Schedule for January?

Do you need to overthrow the Schedule for January?

New Year, New You?: Do You Need to Overthrow the Schedule for January? Written by Chelsea McLeod It’s a new year; is it going to be a new you? Are you anticipating a significant change this year or hoping to keep it relatively status quo? Some people find it necessary to make significant changes and […]

Does Your Student Hate Writing?

Does Your Student Hate Writing?:  Tips and Tricks to Make It Easier By: Chelsea McLeod Has your writing time become the bane of your existence, the most challenging part of your homeschooling routine? Is your kid miserable when It comes time to practice writing? Are they pushing back, getting easily frustrated, complaining, avoiding and completely […]

How to Add a Student to the Schoolio Digital Platform.

How to add a student to the Schoolio Digital Platform

How to Add a Student to the Schoolio Digital Platform. Are you new to the Schoolio Digital Platform? Using the Schoolio digital platform might overwhelm you, and learning a new digital system can be confusing! That’s why we are here to help guide you through every step on the Schoolio Digital platform so that you […]

Prepare Your Child for Grade Five

Prepare your child for grade five

Have you been trying to figure out the best way to prepare your child for grade five without overwhelming them? And still, allowing them to have fun all summer long? Cramming curriculum into each day during the summer might prevent summer learning loss, but it also might overwhelm your child. So, what’s the solution? Should […]

10 Of The Best YouTube Channels for Kids

10 of the best YouTube channels for Kids

An excellent source of education and entertainment is YouTube, which makes it a fantastic tool for boredom. It can feel like an overwhelming task to try to find the best content for your child to watch as you try to sift through thousands of channels. And unfortunately, if you’re not using the Youtube Kids app, […]

When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

Homeschooling is all fun and games until you realize that your kids are with you 24/7 and you’re the teacher. There’s really no break for the default homeschooling parent. So, how do you cope? How do you function on those days when your kids are driving you crazy? Let’s find out.  First, you need to […]

20 Don’ts of Homeschooling

Is there some magical way to become a better homeschooling parent? Well, learning the right way to do something and the wrong way are both important. We’ve compiled a list of things you don’t want to do as a homeschooling parent.  So, let’s jump to the 20 Don’ts of homeschooling. Created and approved by veteran […]

When Homeschooling is Hard.

When you were considering homeschooling you probably heard the experienced home school moms says “We finish school in a couple hours, then the rest of the day is play time.” So, when you shifted your mindset, to actually stay home with your kids, you thought: ‘This is going to be awesome!’ But now you find […]