How to Bring Writing into Other Areas

How to bring writing into other areas

Sneaking It In: How to Bring Writing Into Other Areas By Chelsea McLeod  Writing in school is often seen as a skill linked only to English. It is often viewed as an immovable part of the curriculum and focus in this class. While this is technically true, it is not the whole picture. Not only is […]

Teaching Financial Literacy

Teaching Financial Literacy

Teaching Financial Literacy, Why is it Important? Written by Nakisha Blain Teaching financial literacy is crucial to a well-rounded education because money is security. If we skip teaching our kids about money, we set them up for unnecessary hardship later on in life. What is Financial Literacy?  Financial literacy is understanding how money works and […]

Adding to the Planner on the Schoolio Digital Platform

Adding to the planner on the Schoolio Digital Platform

Are you new to the Schoolio Digital Platform? Using the Schoolio digital platform might overwhelm you, and learning a new digital system can be confusing! That’s why we are here to help guide you through every step on the Schoolio Digital platform so that you and your student will be successful while bringing fun back […]