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Looking to embrace homeschooling freedom but need a simple road map? Our curriculum takes the frustration, guesswork, and stress out of homeschooling.

Our team of homeschool parents and veteran educators:

  • Do the research
  • Write the lesson plans
  • Define vocabulary and key concepts
  • Provide related videos and website
  • Package lessons in an easy-to-use workbook

Our team  has done the legwork so you can enjoy bonding with your child as they,

All the benefits of homeschool
without the frustration, long hours, and headaches

Ready for FRUSTRATION FREE homeschooling?

We provide, easy-to-use workbooks, parent “cheat sheet/cliff notes”, suggested videos & relevant websites, access to live/real-person support and a private parent support network.

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Education Needs Reimagination Not Fixes.

Our team of educators prepares lessons based on skills, not standards. In each lesson, students learn grade-level appropriate skills. Interest-based learning promotes engagement and critical thinking. Homeschooling with us prepares students for life, not just the next grade level. 

We focus on the skills, so you don’t have to worry about the standards.

Schoolio's curriculum is trusted by thousands of families and educators at home and in the classroom.

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