Math Complete Year Bundle: Grade 3

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Schoolio Math Complete Year Bundle (255 Pages)

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✅ Complete Year of Study     ✅ All 5 Strands of Math

✅ 220+ pages                  ✅ 65+ Mathematical Concepts

✅Step-By-Step Instruction    ✅ Full color

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This Grade 3 Mathematics bundle is a compilation of ALL five (5) mathematics units in the Schoolio Grade 3 library. 

Course Description:

Schoolio learners engage in tactile and concrete learning activities within the Schoolio Mathematics program. The curriculum includes both conceptual and procedural methods as well as logic and critical thinking skills. Learners are engaged with full color pages and interesting and varied activities, improving their mathematical reasoning and developing fine motor skills.

Our curriculum caters to homeschoolers, classroom teachers, virtual learning support, and tutoring support.

Included in this bundle:

Grade 3 Math- Unit 1: Number Sense

This Schoolio unit focuses on Number Sense and Numeration skills.

In this 86-page unit, your learner will study the following topics:

  • Whole Numbers and Fractions
    • Read and Represent Numbers to 1000
    • Compare Numbers to 1000
    • Ordering Numbers to 1000
    • Rounding
    • Skip Counting
    • Place Values to 1000
    • Fair Sharing
    • Reviewing Fractions
    • Equivalent Fractions
  • Mental Math
    • Strategies for Mental Math: Estimating
    • Strategies for Mental Math: Rounding
    • Strategies for Mental Math: Dropping Zeros
  • Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication and Division
    • Adding and Subtracting: Concrete Algorithm
    • Adding and Subtracting: Stacked
    • Adding and Subtracting: Decomposing
    • 0s and 1s Times Tables
    • 2s Times Tables
    • 10s Times Tables
    • Multiplying Other Numbers
    • Related Division Facts
    • Dividing Using Groups
    • Dividing Using Arrays
    • Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
    • Repeated Addition of Unit Fractions
    • Ratios
    • Scaling Up Ratios

Grade 3 Math- Unit 2: Algebra

This Schoolio unit focuses on Algebra and Patterning skills.

In this 52-page unit, your child will study the following topics:

  • Patterning
    • Identify and Describe Pattern Elements
    • Patterns in Real Life
    • Creating Patterns
    • Translating Patterns
    • Pattern Rules
    • Predicting and Extending Patterns
    • Identifying Missing Elements
    • Patterns that Illustrate Relationships
  • Algebra
    • Variables
    • Variable in Various Contexts
    • Determining Equivalency
    • Identifying and Using Equivalent Relationships
  • Coding
    • Intro to Coding
    • Sequential Coding
    • Concurrent Events
    • Repeating Code

Grade 3 Math- Unit 3: Data Management

This Schoolio unit focuses on Data Management and Probability skills.

In this 40-page unit, your child will study the following topics:

  • Data Management
    • Sorting by Attributes
    • Sorting Data Into Tables
    • Venn Diagrams
    • Carroll Diagrams
    • Tree Diagrams
    • Collecting Data
    • Displaying Data
    • Displaying Data in Pictographs
    • Bar Graphs
  • Probability
    • Review of Mode
    • Finding the Mean
    • Identifying and Using Means
    • Analyzing Data
    • Probability
    • Making Predictions

Grade 3 Math- Unit 4: Geometry

This Schoolio unit focuses on Geometry, Measurement, and Spatial Reasoning skills.

In this 46-page unit, your child will study the following topics:

  • Geometry
    • Identify and Sort 3D Shapes
    • Faces, Edges, and Vertices
    • Composing and Decomposing 3D Shapes
    • Congruency
  • Spatial Reasoning
    • Giving and Following Directions
    • Perimeters
    • Area of Shapes
    • Measuring Area
  • Measurements
    • Yards and Miles
    • Millimetres and Kilometres
    • Capacity
    • Mass
  • Time
    • Telling Time- Digital
    • Telling Time- Analog

Grade 3 Math- Unit 5: Financial Literacy

This Schoolio unit focuses on Money Sense and Financial Literacy skills.

In this 31-page unit, your child will study the following topics:

  • Money and Notation
  • What Is on Our Bills?
  • What Makes Money Valuable?
  • Counting Coins
  • Counting Coins and Bills
  • Making Change
  • Grocery Store Game
  • Other Methods of Payment
  • Comparing Methods of Payment
  • Saving Money

As is the case with all of our units, this unit includes daily lessons, each with exercises or activities to solidify comprehension, plus answer keys.

What our customers say:

Elizabeth Margaret

I couldn't be happier with Schoolio's grade 2 curriculum. The material is easy to use, fun, and engaging. I love how the lessons are open and go, and can really be done anywhere!

Elizabeth M.

Angela Bouzetos

We love Schoolio! The curriculum is so easy to follow. My kids like that they can set their own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. And most of all, the support from Schoolio is amazing!

Angela B.


I have been using Schoolio for grades 4 and 5 and it's been great. I took part in a 'consultation' meeting and learned a lot about their program, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Alycia K.

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