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Schoolio Interest Bundle: Financial Literacy Bundle (241 Pages)

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✅ Intermediate/Middle School level, Gr. 6-8 ✅ Math and Financial Skills

✅ 240+ Pages ✅ 40 Lessons

✅Step-By-Step Instruction ✅ Full Color

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This Grade 6-8 Schoolio Mathematics bundle is a compilation of four (4) Schoolio Mathematics units from the Schoolio Mathematics library. 

Course Description:

Schoolio student learners engage with detailed financial advice and concrete, real-world scenarios and activities. A solid foundation in financial literacy is imperative for a successful future, and middle-school aged students are ready to be introduced to these concepts and understandings. Student learners will Improve their financial literacy as well as practice and solidify the mathematical concepts used most often in adulthood.

Student learners are engaged with full color pages and interesting and varied activities, improving their understanding of the world around them while developing mathematical skills, financial understanding, as well as research, reflection, and fine motor skills.

Our curriculum caters to homeschoolers, classroom teachers, virtual learning support, and tutoring support.

Please note: Many of our units appear in multiple bundles, including complete grade bundles or subject starter packs. Please make sure you are not purchasing duplicate units if purchasing multiple bundles.

Included in this bundle:

Schoolio Mathematics: Smart Consumerism

This 62-page Schoolio unit focuses on Smart Consumerism and how the student learner can have a greater understanding of consumerism and marketing. Student learners explore how we are influenced by marketing and the types of advertisements commonly used, as well as how ads are targeted to customers. Students will discover how consumerism plays to self worth and changes our behaviors, and will assess the differences between “wants” and “needs”. Students will understand depreciation of value of goods, consider the financial implications of expensive habits such as smoking, and learn tips and tools for making wise financial decisions as a consumer.

Schoolio Mathematics: Financial Planning

This 60-page Schoolio unit focuses on financial planning and why it is important for financial wellness in their futures. Student learners explore their own strengths and weaknesses as money-users, and learn to set financial goals, evaluate their earnings and expenses, and create budgets. This unit explores the idea of “needs” vs “wants”, and introduces students to budget pitfalls and barriers to financial success they may encounter in adulthood. Student learners are engaged in both sorting out and assessing an imaginary business’s budget and creating their own fantasy budget from scratch.

Schoolio Mathematics: Investing and Borrowing

This 51-page Schoolio unit focuses on investing and borrowing money. The first half of the unit teaches student learners all about investments, including the stock market, dividends and capital gains, bank investments, and assessing risk and reward when investing money. The second half of the unit focuses on debt, what it is and why we accumulate it. Student learners are introduced to interest rates and fees associated with debt, as well as learning how to calculate credit APR and both simple and compound interest. Student learners will discover the dangers and risk of high interest and predatory lending systems and consider the impacts certain debt have to their financial wellness.

Schoolio Mathematics: Shopping Online and Around the World

This 68-page Schoolio unit focuses on shopping online and around the world. As globalization and technology grows, so do the options at our fingertips to shop from anywhere and to travel the world. In this unit, student learners are taught about currencies and learn what exchange rates are and how to calculate them and consider them when making international purchases. Student learners will plan a fantasy international trip and learn all about various decisions that need to be made on such a large endeavor and the expenses that go with it. Student learners will explore issues surrounding online shopping, such as customs, duty, and import fees, and then they evaluate how to determine the value of deals and sales when shopping in different currencies. The unit helps student learners ensure they are safe while shopping online, both financially and personally, and discusses the benefits and drawbacks to shopping locally.. 

As is the case with all of our units, this unit includes daily lessons, each with exercises or activities to solidify comprehension, plus answer keys.

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Elizabeth Margaret

I couldn't be happier with Schoolio's grade 2 curriculum. The material is easy to use, fun, and engaging. I love how the lessons are open and go, and can really be done anywhere!

Elizabeth M.

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We love Schoolio! The curriculum is so easy to follow. My kids like that they can set their own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. And most of all, the support from Schoolio is amazing!

Angela B.


I have been using Schoolio for grades 4 and 5 and it's been great. I took part in a 'consultation' meeting and learned a lot about their program, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Alycia K.

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