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Schoolio Interest Bundle: Early America Bundle (258 Pages)

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✅ Junior/Upper Elementary level, Gr. 5+ ✅ 30 Weeks of Study

✅ 250+ Pages ✅ 60 History Lessons

✅Step-By-Step Instruction ✅ Full Color

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This Grade 5-8 Social Studies bundle is a compilation of three (3) Schoolio Social Studies units from the Schoolio Social Studies library. 

Course Description:

Schoolio learners engage in tactile and concrete learning activities within the Schoolio Social Studies program. Your student learner will engage in thought-provoking and differentiated learning activities, often including outdoor activities, research assignments, and media add-ons. The curriculum includes critical thinking and reflection skills. Student learners are engaged with full color pages and interesting and varied activities, improving their understanding of the world around them while developing research, reflection, and fine motor skills.

Our curriculum caters to homeschoolers, classroom teachers, virtual learning support, and tutoring support.

Please note: Many of our units appear in multiple bundles, including complete grade bundles or subject starter packs. Please make sure you are not purchasing duplicate units if purchasing multiple bundles.

Included in this bundle:

Schoolio Social Studies: Colonial America

This 97-page Schoolio unit focuses on the Colonial Era of the United States and explores what life was like in the early colonies, including famous colonists, inventions, and even unsolved mysteries! Student learners are introduced to the basics of the American Revolution, readying them for Schoolio’s larger and more detailed American Revolution unit. 

Schoolio Social Studies: Westward Expansion

This 70-page Schoolio unit focuses on the United States history of westward expansion, beginning with the Louisiana Purchase and concluding with the Battle of Little Bighorn. Student learners explore what life was like on the trails west and in newly settled western areas, and discover the treatment and expulsion of Indigenous Peoples from traditional lands. Student learners also investigate the impacts of the railroad, Texas joining the union, and the Mexican-American War.

Schoolio Social Studies: The American Revolution

This 91-page Schoolio unit focuses on the War of Independence in the United States, including the road that led to revolution, the continental congress, and the major battles and figures of the war. 

As is the case with all of our units, this unit includes daily lessons, each with exercises or activities to solidify comprehension, plus answer keys.

What our customers say:

Elizabeth Margaret

I couldn't be happier with Schoolio's grade 2 curriculum. The material is easy to use, fun, and engaging. I love how the lessons are open and go, and can really be done anywhere!

Elizabeth M.

Angela Bouzetos

We love Schoolio! The curriculum is so easy to follow. My kids like that they can set their own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. And most of all, the support from Schoolio is amazing!

Angela B.


I have been using Schoolio for grades 4 and 5 and it's been great. I took part in a 'consultation' meeting and learned a lot about their program, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Alycia K.

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