Schoolio for tutors makes lesson planning a breeze.

🚀 Approximately 80% of tutoring time is spent finding a curriculum. With few exceptions, there is no assurance of quality – much copying and pasting of content – save time by using our organized, unitized (mix ‘n match) subjects – math, language, science, and social studies. 

🙌 Due to the pandemic, most students returning to school this year are one, if not three years behind – this puts additional pressure on our tutors to help students catch up with grades they may be familiar with – we offer the entire Canadian/US K-8 curriculum. 

📚 Win parents’ confidence by ensuring that students continue to learn during tutoring sessions. Schoolio encourages independent learning. Your tutors will be loved by your parents! 

Schoolio Helps You Grow Your Tutoring Business

Fill In the Gap

By using Schoolio’s lessons between tutoring sessions, you can ensure your students remain engaged between sessions. Our video library provides independent learning opportunities between tutoring sessions, so you can mix and match lessons according to their grade level. 

Instant access to full Grade 1-8 curriculum library

Schoolio’s math, language, science, and social studies resources are available for one low monthly fee! When you work as a tutor, you will be able to spend more time preparing for the session rather than developing a curriculum and mixing and matching subjects and grades.

Interactive lessons and worksheets

Help your child learn their way: 1000s of videos, audio, interactive and fun lessons, annotatable lessons, quizzes, and much more!

The ENTIRE Grade 1 - 8 curriculum library for just 9.99/month

  • Easily add and manage your students

  • Mix and Match curriculum for a personalized experience – catching up on grades or moving ahead to explore is easy with access to the entire library for an affordable monthly fee

  • Schoolio’s unique model blends offline (downloadable PDF or ebooks) and online – build the best experience for your student 

$9.99 per month per student - Less than 50 cent a day!

How else can we help? (future roadmap)

A full library of multimedia content

Built with diverse learning styles in mind – read, listen or watch

  • Gap testing 
  • Thoughtful games
  • Emotional check-ins with students

Annotatable lessons and worksheets

Draw, write, and leave comments without having to print and store 1000s of pages!

  • AI to help personalize the student learning model
  • Growing marketplace with interest-based courses 
  • Collaborate with parents 

Less than ☕️ Per day!

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