School Your Way
Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Schoolio’s Personalized Learning Experience
School Your Way
Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Schoolio’s Personalized Learning Experience
School Your Way
Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Schoolio’s Personalized Learning Experience
Who we are
Schoolio offers parents a range of options, from books to digital resources, to support their child’s learning journey. Our curriculum is designed to cater to individual needs, promote inclusivity, and prepare students with the skills they need for a successful future. With Schoolio, parents can confidently unlock their child’s potential and provide them with the best learning experience possible.
How to Participate
Fully customizable to your needs
Mix-and-Match grade levels and topics
1:1 support from Schoolio Concierge
Online Learning
Fully customizable to your needs
Assessments and Progress Tracking
Schoolio Vibe Check monitors student overall wellness, not just academics
School Your Way All-in-One Kit
Start homeschooling with confidence, with everything you need in one place!

Our all-in-one, easy to use curriculum programming for the full year PLUS 3 months of free access to our online platform to help you find balance and best-fit


You'll love having our planning toolkit for parents AND 3 full months pre-planned for you to help you to get started with!


Included is 3 monthly 1-on-1 check in calls with a personal Schoolio expert to answer your questions and help you as you need it. PLUS we offer our famous customer service 365!


The School Your Way masterclass gives hands-on instruction and information for getting started with homeschooling, and our How to Get Started Homeschooling Guide book gives you answers at your fingertips!

Featured Books
Bees & Honey
Thoughts & Feelings: Learning to Manage How…
Full Year Bundle: Kindergarten
Infinite Potential
We know that every child is unique. That’s why our customizable learning experience allows you to meet your child’s needs and natural curiosities. Our curriculum includes mathematics, language, arts, science, and social studies as well as interest-based learning so your child can explore their passions. From engaging digital content to easy-to-use books, you can create the learning experience that best suits your child’s preferences and pace.
At Schoolio, inclusivity drives our secular curriculum. We value diversity, ensuring representation for all. Accessible content supports neurodivergent learners, covering vital topics. Connect, exchange, and grow in our supportive community.
We believe that the future will look very different for our children than it does today. That’s why we are committed to providing future-proofing skills to Schoolio learners. Exciting topics in entrepreneurship, online safety, financial literacy, and AI, incorporate cutting-edge content with traditional learning, to equip your child with essential skills for future success. Schoolio ensures your child is ready to explore the world and thrive in an ever-changing future.
Have a Unique Needs Learner?
Experience the #1 best program for neurodivergent students!Designed with uniqueness in mind!
Huge library of special interest units for whatever your learner is into!
Audio, video, and printable available
Activity variety to increase engagement and keep learners active!
Mix-and-match grade levels across subjects and strands!
Full color imagery on white background makes learning fun without being over-stimulating
1-on-1 support with our homeschooling experts when you need it!
Trusted industry partners
Loved by educators everywhere!
“Schoolio is the best program available. It meets my curriculum requirements and makes learning fun. I would highly recommend it.”
— Sierra A.
“I used schoolio grade 2 and 3 last year and it was my life saver, I love it.”
— Melissa C.
“The curriculum is easy to follow and helped me make our schooling experience a smooth and enjoyable one…”
— Katherine S.
“I love this program so much. My daughter just did the solar oven for grade 5 science. Thank you so much, last year was a struggle but this year we are all having a blast.”
— Melanie W.