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Where Academics And Well-Being Meet
Insights into how your learner is feeling everyday with Schoolio’s Vibe Check
Track grades, assignments, and completion across all subjects
Manage multiple learners and view progress at a glance from your dashboard
Get personalized AI-driven content and lesson scheduling recommendations
Every child is unique, give them a truly…
Individualized Learning Path
Perfect for ESL and IEP learners
Assign individualized catch up and enrichment lessons
Match curriculum based on interest and proficiency
Create custom lessons from scratch unique to your learner
A Library That Grows With Your Learner
Access thousands of lessons across core subjects: Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies
Flexible scheduling and curriculum based on your learner’s progress and understanding level
Increase engagement with interest-based electives and live classes
Gap assessment that continuously helps you improve content delivery
Have a Unique Needs Learner?
Experience the #1 best program for neurodivergent students! Designed with uniqueness in mind!
Bite-sized learning sessions for maximum engagement and attention
Audio, video, and printable available
Activity variety
Mix-and-match grade levels
Choose digital or handwritten practice
Custom scheduling
Flexible to Your Style: Online, Offline, or Hybrid
Print-and-go curriculum books
Tablet-friendly annotatable lessons and worksheets
Add your own videos and worksheets
Switch up your learning, from the park bench to a long road trip, with you anywhere you go!
Perfect for
All of your secular curriculum needs in one place, choose online or offline
365 days a year 1:1 homeschooling support
Fully customizable lesson planning to your needs
Organize an entire year of learning with one click
Catch up on any subject and grade in one place
Learn on the go, whether you are traveling or sick
Check your child’s understanding with quizzes and gap assessments
Go above and beyond with a library of interest-based electives
The one-stop-shop platform for tutoring needs
Assessments and progress tracking
Continued learning between tutoring sessions
Boost parent happiness with clear progress updates and helpful resources for learning at home
Tailored and differentiated learning per student
Assessments and progress tracking
Perfect for IEP and ESL students
Increase parent satisfaction with progress transparency and at-home resources
School-wide programming in Social-Emotional Learning or Financial Literacy
Support teachers with access to curriculum content for in-class use
Integrate online learning school-wide to increase engagement, improve scores, and amplify parent and community involvement
Reach more students where they are by combining offline and online learning
Site-wide Social-Emotional Learning and Financial Literacy programming, or access a library of fundamental core curriculum
Create skill, verbiage, and topic continuity across sites or departments
Help staff implement needs-based tools for children they are supporting
Reach more students where they are by combining offline and online learning
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“Schoolio is the best program available. It meets my curriculum requirements and makes learning fun. I would highly recommend it.” — Sierra A.
“I used schoolio grade 2 and 3 last year and it was my life saver, I love it.” — Melissa C.
“The curriculum is easy to follow and helped me our schooling experience a smooth and enjoyable one…” — Katherine S.
“I love this program so much. My daughter just did the solar oven for grade 5 science. Thank you so much, last year was a struggle but this year we are all having a blast.” — Melanie W.
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“I used schoolio grade 2 and 3 last year and it was my life saver, I love it.”
— Melissa C.
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